#144 - Bill Tancer: Reframing Haters And Negative Reviews, Learning From Data Analysis, CGMs For Weight Loss, Predicting Glycemic Response, Healthy User Bias, Search Habits & Trends, Influencers, And More!


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10:35 - Bill's Background

13:40 - Data Collection

15:50 - What We're Searching On The Internet

19:45 - What People Search Vs What We Admit To Searching

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24:00 - How To Interpret Data Correctly

28:15 - Confirmation Bias In Algorithms

29:00 - How Does The Internet Change Our Trends

31:20 - Imperfect Information

32:05 - Perfect Information

33:00 - Perfect Information In Interpersonal Relationships

32:30 - Takeaways From "Everyone's A Critic"

38:40 - Chef's And Bad Reviews

39:50 - Asking For Reviews And Earning Good Reviews

43:30 - Reviews On Amazon

47:20 - Influencers

48:30 - Honesty In Influencing

50:25 - False Hope Syndrome

56:25 - Extreme Diets

58:00 - Lifestyle Changes And Intuitive Eating

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1:01:15 - Creating Signos

1:05:00 - Diet-Heart Hypothesis And Cholesterol

1:06:10 - Bill's First CGM

1:07:45 - Data Analysis In Signos

1:09:45 - Predictions In Glycemic Response

1:15:45 - Intuition About What Will Spike Glucose

1:16:50 - Bio-Individuality In Sucrose, Glucose, And Fructose Digestion

1:18:10 - Enzymes, Cravings & Metabolic Syndrome

1:19:45 - Is There Healthy User Bias In Signos Data

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