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Recorded by Mr. James and David Bradley
Source: xeno-canto website Brown-throated Wattle eye
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Brown-throated Wattle-eye
(Platysteira cyanea)
Photo by Lars Petersson
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Where can I find
Brown-throated Wattle-eye in Uganda?
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This bird distributes the middle parts of Africa.
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28.Brown-throated Wattle-eye
(Platysteira cyanea)
NFA bird Podcast: I am Johnnie Kamugisha.
The bird for today is a Brown-throated Wattle-eye.
Brown-throated Wattle-eye also known as the Common Wattle-eye is a small, insectivorous passerine bird.
Brown-throated Wattle-eye is a stout bird about 14cm in length.
They have short legs and an upright stance while patched.
They were previously classed as a subfamily of the Old World Flycatcher family Muscicapidae but are now separated from that family.
Brown-throated Wattle-eye is found in secondary forest and other wooded areas, including gardens.
Brown-throated Wattle-eye build a small neat lichen and cobweb cup like nest low in a tree or bush.
The breeding male has has glossy black upper parts, and white underparts with a neat black breast band.
They have a strong white wing bar, and fleshy red wattles above the eye.
The females are grey-black above, and also have the white wing bar and the red wattles.
They have a small patch of white below the bill, the throat and breast are maroon, separated from the white belly by the black breast band.
Brown-throated Wattle-eyes are usually found in pairs and small groups.
Brown-throated Wattle-eye has a very characteristic six not call. My boys in Bwindi told that it sound like "please come for breakfast."
Their main diet is insects, although spiders, millipedes and scorpions are also taken, and there are records of small lizards being eaten too.
They also use the advantage of foraging with mixed species feeding flocks.
They can be found in forests like Budongo, Kibale, Bwindi, Echuya among others.
The bird for today is the Brown-throated Wattle-eye and am Johnnie Kamugisha

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