76 - How to Fall in Love w/ Sales and Create Money on Demand w/ Allyson Chavez


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How would you like to learn how to sell from a woman who went from being broke to making over $230,000 in 6 months? What about a woman who went from absolutely hating sales to falling in love with it? Lucky for us, that person is our guest today. Allyson Chavez is a prosperity transformation coach and teaches others how to manage their thoughts and energy so they can get out of their own way, consistently hit their targets, and love their lives as they redesign their reality. Today, Allyson is sitting down to talk with us about the tactical mindset she’s adopted, how she thinks about money, and how she did it all in such a short period of time.

Eight years ago, Allyson made the choice to leave her current company and start her own coaching business. She dove headfirst, showered in self-doubt, exhausted, and living through a very masculine-based sales mindset. Simply put, her mental energy was expended and wasn’t a sustainable way to scale her business healthily. The harder she worked, the harder she fell.

Allyson’s journey is one from rock bottom to soaring success. She found herself at a point of ‘financial armageddon’ where she was spending more than she could afford, leaving her in 90k of personal credit card debt. She loved what she was doing, but she wasn’t in a healthy place. So, she made a dramatic mindset shift. She put what was causing her pain on the back-burner, starting hustling on the side through full-time jobs and even becoming a crossing guard. Through that, she realized there was something about a mindset that was crucial to her success. Through intentional breakdowns of her process and understanding what money is on a spiritual level, she was able to explode her business into a massive, money-making endeavor.

We’re often taught to play the inner game not to lose as opposed to playing that inner game to get ahead. It’s focused on strategy with no weight put on the emotional and spiritual side of things. When that game is won internally, the external self reaps the benefits as well.

First and foremost, money is energy, Allyson says. And energy is naturally inclined to expand. We are wired for expansion and increase--money is a tool for growth. If you don’t set your sights on that next goal, you can quickly slip into self-destructive habits. Money by itself doesn’t fill the need for security at a foundational level--money is a channel, not a source. As far as money goes, many people make it God. Your connection to higher power needs to be the source.

It’s about centering your agenda around making yourself happy--even 2 minutes at a time. Taking her family on a trip was, in Allyson’s opinion, incredibly purposeful. She didn’t care about cost because for a few moments they were able to breathe. So often we have a locked-in mentality of trying to manipulate our circumstances. When we are able to pull away from that and realizing it isn’t working, clarity occurs. When we make it okay to feel pleasure, we are able to manifest our genuine needs. Be simple about it! It’s not all about sophistication and having your ducks in a row--these are masks. There is sophistication in simplicity. What happens when you release the pressure on yourself?

Sales and Allyson’s relationship was not so good. In fact, Allyson HATED sales. She went through an experience where she unabashedly wrote her true feelings on a piece of paper and destroyed it. This cathartic experience helped come to terms with the fact that despite her successes, sales felt bad. She was obsessed with scripts and tangible, laid out, step by step, inauthentic sales.

When she shifted her beliefs to tell herself she was a master of sales and could convert whenever she wanted, she realized that sales calls are all about relationships. A script is important to keep you on the rails and in control, it’s not what should drive the conversation. You are here to offer something that you think is a good fit. If they don’t want that, then you know you don’t have to push them towards that. It isn’t about manipulation or creating a problem. The truth is, if you position yourself intentionally, most people will want what you have to offer based on your prospecting. People want what they want and they can want it a lot--but unless there is a MUST, it won’t happen. STOP looking for people who can afford you and start looking for people who will do whatever it takes to work with you. You’ll know the client isn’t at that “must” level, you offer a scale for them to land on where their comfort is.



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