A1 DoorCompany - How Does Your Garage Door Work?


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Stephanie Carter, President of A1 Door Company, joins Check A Pro Joe on the Check A Pro radio show today! So how does your garage door work? Stephanie and Joe discuss how your garage door works.

Check out this episode for more garage door tips...

For more information about A1 Door Company Richmond, Virginia, log on to at www.checkapro.com.

0:00 this is the Check A Pro radio show 0:02 Checker Pro Joe has assembled a team of 0:04 pre-qualified Home Service contractors 0:06 to bring you the latest in Services 0:08 products and techniques now here's your 0:10 host the man with a hard hat and tool 0:12 belt check a pro Joe many of us don't 0:16 really understand how the garage door 0:19 works we think we do 0:21 we think that that garage door opener 0:23 just pulls that garage door up and it 0:27 pushes it down it doesn't really work 0:29 like that and so I've asked Stephanie 0:32 Carter from A1 Door Company in the 0:35 Greater Richmond Virginia area to join 0:37 me here on Check A Pro radio today 0:39 to really tell us 0:41 how a garage door works she's going to 0:45 educate us a little bit on that 0:46 Stephanie how are you 0:48 Hey Joe doing great how are you I am 0:51 living the dream thank you so much for 0:52 asking so you've been in this business 0:54 for some time so I'm sure you've gone 0:56 out to some homes you know the homeowner 0:59 you know will say you know something 1:00 like you know the garage door opener uh 1:03 isn't working well enough you know I ask 1:05 it to pull it up or push it down and it 1:07 just won't do it but it's not 1:09 necessarily the garage door opener that 1:11 has the problem maybe it's a spring 1:12 right so explain to us how the garage 1:15 door system works is pretty simple but 1:18 why don't you explain it to everybody 1:19 absolutely there's three main parts that 1:22 we get calls about I would say the top 1:24 three would be the Springs rollers and 1:28 The Operators or a lot of people call 1:30 them the garage door openers it's that 1:32 big machine in the ceiling so the spring 1:35 is what we like to call the muscle of 1:37 the door without that spring it's nearly 1:40 impossible to open the door if the 1:42 spring is broken you're basically dead 1:44 lifting the door so a little old lady or 1:48 a child or someone who can't lift up 1:51 three or four hundred pound door is 1:54 going to struggle they will be stuck in 1:55 their garage if that spring is broken so 1:58 you are basically dead lifting that door 2:00 the rollers a lot of people say the 2:03 Little Wheel like thingies is what a 2:06 customer would call them they're on the 2:08 sides of the door they're going to guide 2:09 that door up and down in the tracks a 2:12 lot of times if your door is noisy it's 2:15 something as simple as changing the 2:17 rollers to a higher quality nylon roller 2:20 it'll make a big difference and like you 2:23 said a lot of people think that the 2:24 garage door opener in that ceiling is 2:27 what's lifting the door but really 2:29 that's just the guide it's there to 2:31 guide the door up and down and lock it 2:34 in place for security it's really that 2:37 simple back when I was a kid we didn't 2:40 always have a garage door opener now 2:42 it's almost standard in every home but 2:44 you know some people had them and some 2:47 people didn't and that garage door went 2:50 up and down very easily with the spring 2:53 so the garage door opener really isn't 2:56 some Beast it's not like a really strong 2:59 motor with a strong chain or belt that 3:02 is pulling up that door it's really just 3:06 saying come on up you know we're gonna 3:08 let you come up I'm gonna pull you just 3:10 a little bit because if you're a 3:12 well-balanced door with the spring 3:13 you're gonna move easily when that 3:16 spring isn't doing its job let's say 3:19 it's broken that garage door opener will 3:21 not open that door that's right so lot 3:24 of times if the spring tension is off 3:26 it'll also it could damage your motor 3:29 because there's a gear in there that's 3:31 pulling that door up and down and a lot 3:33 of times when people Spring Breaks they 3:35 don't know so they they keep pressing 3:37 the button and they end up damaging 3:39 their operator because they're thinking 3:42 the operator is not pulling the door 3:43 when really it's the spring and also you 3:46 want to check the tension to make sure 3:47 that door is balanced because if it is 3:50 opening too hot off the ground or if 3:53 it's too heavy on the floor that could 3:55 damage the motor as well yeah it really 3:57 needs to be finely balanced most people 4:00 I talk to Stephanie in the garage door 4:02 industry tell me that you should be able 4:05 to if you disengage it from the opener 4:07 you should be able to just pick up that 4:10 door with little effort from the handle 4:12 and it should just come right up and it 4:14 should come right down without much 4:16 effort at all like a little lady can do 4:18 it that is correct yes a lot of people 4:20 don't know that but when you disengage 4:22 that motor and you open open that door 4:25 manually it should be very light and you 4:28 want it to stop halfway open you want it 4:30 to balance in the opening and not open 4:32 or close once you you stop the door 4:34 halfway up you want it to stay in place 4:36 and that means that your door is 4:38 perfectly balanced Stephanie this has 4:40 been great information I really 4:42 appreciate it Stephanie Carter from A1 4:44 Door Company all of her and her 4:46 company's information is in the 4:48 description of this podcast Stephanie 4:51 thank you so much for joining me here 4:52 thanks Joe Checker Pro is your local 4:54 source for pre-qualified contractors 4:56 stay tuned for more of the Check A Pro 4:59 radio show

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