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Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party adopted Monday a proposal for assisting child-rearing efforts, including free lunches at elementary and junior high schools and housing support for newly married couples and families with multiple children.株式会社時事通信社 による
Japan's industry ministry Monday decided to launch an industry-government-academia organization as early as summer to realize a circular economy where resources are used efficiently through reuse and recycling.株式会社時事通信社 による
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. said Monday that SMBC has agreed to invest about 183.1 billion yen in Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank, or VPBank.株式会社時事通信社 による
Companies in Japan are vying to attract students graduating next spring in a continued seller's market, raising starting salaries and promising assignment to sections in line with student preferences.株式会社時事通信社 による
Four South Korean plaintiffs in damages lawsuits filed against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. over wartime labor have begun procedures to sell the Japanese firm's assets held in South Korea for cash, officials of a group supporting the petitioners said Sunday.株式会社時事通信社 による
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in a video message released Saturday, thanked Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for his recent visit to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, for a bilateral summit.株式会社時事通信社 による
Social media videos showing homeless people being harassed are on the rise in Japan, prompting supporters of such struggling people to worry about the possibility of serious incidents, such as assaults, taking place.株式会社時事通信社 による
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Sunday pledged to strengthen the country's defense capabilities over five years, after the government updated its three key national security documents late last year.株式会社時事通信社 による
As the Japanese parliament deliberates a bill on promoting understanding of LGBT people, conservatives in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party are taking issue with a clause that mentions "gender identity."株式会社時事通信社 による
The retirement age of national and local civil servants in Japan will be raised to 61 at the start of April from the current 60 as part of measures to address labor shortages partly reflecting the country's declining population.株式会社時事通信社 による
Executives of Japan's ruling and opposition parties held stump speeches across the country Saturday, the first weekend since the official start of the governorship races in nine prefectures Thursday.株式会社時事通信社 による
関東と関西の違い(言葉編) Kantō to Kansai no Chigai (Kotoba-hen) Differences between Kanto and Kansai (Language Version) 日本には様々な方言があります。 Nihon ni wa samazama na hōgen ga arimasu. There are various dialects in Japan. Read moreSakura: Study Japanese Listening with our Announcer from Japan による
As you know, I am a very big proponent of the shadowing method as an effective way to practice a foreign language. That’s why I am putting together my new project, which I am calling the Shadowing Bank. I want to bring you a variety of talks from many different native Japanese speakers. Each talk will be accompanied with the text, a transliteration…
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