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If you have followed me for any amount of time, you have likely heard me say action cures all. Since starting Healthy Theory, I have interviewed over 90 specialists and experts about everything from brain cognition, to gut microbiome, to reverse aging. Information is meant to be put into action, so today I am sharing with you what my daily routine consists of at the moment. Goals are important and should always be considered when choosing what is best for you. This is not advice for anyone, just a look at how I’ve applied the plethora of expert advice I’ve received over the past few years. This episode is Health Theory In Action with my own routine:

Key Points to My Routine:

1. Exercise and Meditation are a must.

2. Diet is critical for health. I keep it simple with meat, eggs, and veggies.

3. Learn what works best for your body and act in accordance.


Morning Routine | Why the order you prioritize in the morning matters [0:40]

Workout Routine | Tom chooses push, pull, legs and abs for a weight lifting routine [2:01]

Injuries | Tom shares how he is prone to low back pain and safely exercises his back [2:24]

Back Pain | Tom reveals 2 reasons for low back pain, diet and not deadlifting [3:28]

Deadlift | Tom shares how and why he deadlifts 5 days a week [4:54]

Pull Day Routine | Why Tom opts for a 4 to 1 back to biceps ratio and it works for him [5:56]

Push Day Routine | Working on chest, triceps, and shoulders [6:44]

Meditation Routine | Tom shares his daily meditation practice he calls, Just Breathe [8:37]

4 Part Cycle | Tom explains the 4 part cycle breathing he uses from Mark Divine [11:06]

Diet Routine | Tom breaks down your diet’s impact on emotions and cognitive function [13:46]

Fasting Routine | Tom reveals why intermittent fasting is a must for him 7 days a week [17:13]

Food Choices | Tom shares what his actually diet consists of: meat, eggs, vegetables [18:56]

Fruit Caution | Tom explains why fruit is a “cheat” snack on the weekends only [23:00]

Drinking Routine| Why Tom doesn’t drink after 2 PM and his rules for caffeine intake [24:21]


“If you haven't at least explored that getting strong is the answer to your pain, that working out even though it seems like the riskiest thing you can do is actually the thing that's going to solve your problem, then you haven't even begun to explore potential remedies.” [3:02]

“The workout that you do, even if it's a little wonky, is better than the perfect workout that you don't do.” [8:27]

“Literally at a cellular level you are made of the things that you consume. So every cell in your body is from something that you ate” [14:31]

“I have a gut instinct, that anxiety is probably 90% your diet, and then 10%, what you're thinking about” [16:21]

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