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Here is a rough transcript from this recording: Justin Finkelstein 0:02 Here we go. There we go, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go. Here we go, here Unknown Speaker 0:18 we go, here Unknown Speaker 0:18 we go, here we go. Oh, Justin Finkelstein 0:26 and here it is. There we go, We're alive. Unknown Speaker 1:27 Alright here we go, Unknown Speaker 1:34 we live, we live. Unknown Speaker 1:37 We're not live yet. Unknown Speaker 1:38 All right, Justin Finkelstein 1:39 hey this is Justin, it is March 24 Whoa, get out of the camera angle here to testing out a new, a new setup here, turn the office around going to be doing some facilitation tonight and tomorrow, so I wanted to get like a real like Office lets me know somehow with backlights, right, and I got this thing running in the back. But I would love anybody who just got some knowledge of what backlight looks like I don't know that my friend Andrew Jones is going to see this back from the, but he set up an amazing office if anybody knows anything about lighting in the back, please let me know. And, yeah, I'd love I've got some, some rotating lights in the back here and probably gonna start getting some green screen stuff and doing some, some other pieces there but that's enough about that this morning brainstorm skinning ideas that are rattling around inside the head outside the head, so they can potentially do something decent in the world want to talk about some of the things that I'm most excited about right now so first of all we've got. is running in the background here. Other AI is right, you know what these quotes don't show up it's annoying. They don't show up in as comments in in Twitter's I realized that right, they're just, they're little pieces on site but otter AI is running in the background. This these brainstorms are inspired by a book called accidental genius from Mark Levy, using free writing as access to your greatest thoughts so this is free talking, getting ideas out that are going to get lodged into the head if they don't get out there into the world now. What otter does is allow us to create some persistence right we don't. The whole idea is we want to tap into the probably our greater thinking or better ways of thinking, then want to have something capturing in the background, or also just sort of doing like presentations and doing stuff for other people. So, that's the whole purpose that's why otter is running in the background, most passionate passion about a couple of different things right now. Number one, a lot of, I'm working with a nonfiction research, Unknown Speaker 3:48 who I met Justin Finkelstein 3:49 a year ago and met the founders. And he had been about a year ago, right now, and what I love about the work that they do is, it gets right through to the subconscious mind and what I mean, you know, it's like, it allows us to think about things that we've been thinking about for a while differently and then feel on different topics so report I'm most passionate about right now is the state of hiring. That's that's that's in the works, hiring is a abysmal disaster in most places right now. So, in that, like a bad hiring process has a knock on effect. I talk about a good hiring process but let's talk about bad hiring processes a knock on effect, we refer people into a company right like, and they've got to go through a difficult process, where and that's not a process that's hard and grueling where you don't get the role right where it's just, you know, we have the where you put in for something and you don't hear anything back right and then, you know, feeling like dehumanize throughout the process. Right. A long drawn out process, um, I am, what I see working right now and what I really like. Not that I really liked but I know it's been working for a while. But reading the book working backwards, which I might have here, which highlights Amazon's process for how they work and their hiring process is really tied into the values of the company and everything that they're working towards right so I don't know that every company is in a place where they can have those mature processes Amazon. But, you know, one of the big isole linchpin components is a bar raiser somebody whose response, who's responsible for making sure that every new person who's getting hired is at least better than, you know, 51% of the other people so each person kind of raises the bar of the whole company which is neat because you hear from people, They're like, look, I'm glad I'm not getting hired now because I would, I wouldn't be able to cross over right now so I love the way that they work through the process and the interviews that are and I'm not an Amazon employee, I'm just doing from reading from the book and when I've heard interviews that are based on the different principles of the company so like the way that they are operating, and doing the other interesting for me is Lasky co they're doing a little bit of an experiment right with experts. They're doing an experiment with, you know, experts, and connecting them with startups being able to go through quickly so I went through a conversation with with one startup, and the beautiful thing is I signed up for the platform on Wednesday, I'm going to introduction on Thursday, and had my conversation on Friday right so it's, I'm on what's up. Alright come on a recording right now alright somebody is coming through. Good to hear my daughter's class here so Lasky, CO, there is also, I forget the name of the company but Pearl, right. It's pearl. Kim Connors in here and apologize Tim if you're seeing this Tim cutter Pearl is looking at connecting people over text and what's beautiful about that removes some of the friction right and not like any hiring that is like a resume base right, Unknown Speaker 7:09 it seems like it's, Justin Finkelstein 7:10 you know, it was an antiquated way when I started my career, about 20 years ago and it feels like even more antiquated at this point in time we can find out. Typically what most people are or at least get a sense of who they are by just looking at social media or at least what they care about, in the moment. If you want to know, like my best thinking. The best way to look at my best thinking is what I did this morning right if you're looking at who Justin is at 9:10am on March 24 This is it right and this is like what you get you get a sense of it right and this is not maybe you know it might not be the best thing that I put out might not be the worst thing that I put out but it's a real, real indication of who they are in the moment that's we can look at people so we need ANC black mayors what they care about, here's what they value because with the eyes, you know, the ideas are and what they're actually communicating and sharing, makes a lot more sense. In place of actually seeing real work, real work out there in the world so pros article so just anything that removes friction from the hiring process is something that I'm pretty passionate about and that matters to me, sort of inside the conversation of allowing people to work in ways that work for Unknown Speaker 8:17 them Justin Finkelstein 8:19 to talk about a couple of different things here, new place, so I've been sort of anti cup clubhouse for for quite a while, but I found a room through rally and we'll talk about that really quickly, it's called the get unstuck dot show get unstuck dot show. It's a room on a club house and I don't know if this talks about yeah founders office hours we're founders, aspiring founders get to get up and ask questions. Here's the interesting thing so we go through what I love about it is it's daily so if you do something daily or participate in something daily, you get a chance to get very good at it, and you get a chance to practice and iterate and also if you mess it up, you get the chance the next day to be able to do something new. Also the volume of people that be able to run through a lot of my work is inspired by kill Tony, which is a comedy show, where they pick the names of comics out of a bucket, and they get to get up and do one minute of comedy and the beautiful thing is that there's about 10 or 15 people who go through each day and most people bomb. But what happens is they get, we'll call it feedback and it winds up being in the space it winds up getting actually roasted, which is an honor in the comedy space right by like some of the best comedians in the world but it's a way of being able to give feedback so I love about it. It's a net positive regardless but every once in a while something amazing, you know, amazing comedian sort of comes through the system, and somebody who's doing something different just through the volume of people and then people who participate, they're part of a larger network so it's the same thing with this get unstuck. You know get unstuck dot show, same thing, people get to ask questions. People get to answer the questions. And now relationships start to form, and something that was a problem. At the beginning of the show can be on the way to unstuck at the end of the show now when somebody isn't stuck, now you're on the road to, like, to momentum right and momentum is what causes transformation for people so we had yesterday somebody came on. This is the name of the doctor, we had yesterday somebody came on and was like, Look, I've got an idea for AI, machine learning was a he was, he wasn't a Navy vet, he was a Marine vet, I'm gonna totally. I do apologize. Marine. Yeah, all right, marine doesn't make any, you know, Max difference in the fact that he's, you know that comes on, it's like I got an idea for something but not, you know, AI machine learning somebody else comes in like, I got a lab I can help you get this to PLC, go into a whiteboard, and we'll go through it now, I didn't know, either the people beforehand that could have gone one of

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