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最高の Zho ポッドキャストが見つかりました。 (アップデートされました 8月 2020)
最高の Zho ポッドキャストが見つかりました。
アップデートされました 8月 2020
百万人のPlayer FMユーザーに参加してオフラインのときでも、いつでも に関するニュースや詳細情報を把握することができます。 妥協なし無料のPodcastアプリでPodcastをスマートに。 聴きましょう!
世界最高のPodcastアプリに参加し、お気に入りの番組をオンラインで管理し、AndroidおよびiOSアプリでオフラインで再生します。 無料で簡単です。
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9 plays9 View all likes2Gav Munro 45 followers45 46 tracks46SayWords and Music Gav MunroLyricsFly away my old friendWith the thousand of years in your handsAnd the people who lied to you And said that they'd die for youAre thankful you understandSail away if you canAnd tell them you don't give a damnYou don't need all their wisdomYou know they won'…
Podcast co-host Gav has lived and worked in China for the last 10 years and is responsible for bringing standup comedy to the city where he lives for the first time. Gav talks about how he developed his skills in China and become a renowned artist and event organiser.In todays Mything the Point episode we discuss the 'are Chinese people rude?' and …
Meet the guy who was signed to the same record label as The Beatles and Radiohead! David tells us about his amazing journey from being a rock star in the UK to moving to China and performing in finding a new fanbase and raising 2 kids at the same time.How did he do this? Find out this remarkable guy's extraordinary story.Also in this episode 'Mythi…
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