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She was intensely driven by obsession with self and the perfect body. Dieting left her miserable, with the perennial question, “What do you do after the diet?” Once she found her way to Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) years of misery ended in a flash, and she now has the resiliency and capacity to deal with life that she never had before.…
Se pasó años buscando una solución a su sobrepeso, sin saber que era adicta a la comida. Repetía patrones familiares poco saludables. Su crecimiento en el programa fue lento hasta que pudo dejar de mentirse a sí misma y a sus seres queridos. Es una historia de transformación, de vivir en la sombras a vivir con integridad.…
At work, with a file cabinet packed with food, he created concoctions at his desk. After work, he hit the vending machines. Expensive diets, gadgets, subliminal audiotapes, metabolism boosters, weight-loss programs; nothing helped until he heard, “Just go to an FA meeting.”Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous による
This chubby child transformed into a teen party girl in New York City, but cute clothes, college, boyfriends, and world travel did not solve her problems with food. Filled with rage, she used bulimia, smoking, marijuana, and other drugs to stay thin. After finding Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) at 24, she built a rich and amazing life in r…
Anxious, depressed, and tortured by uncontrollable, self-destructive eating, she went from cheerleader to punk rocker to looking for geographic cures. At age 22 she heard stories of healthy, bright-eyed food addicts in recovery at her first meeting, and she said, “Sign me up.”Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous による
Always feeling she wasn’t enough, this food addict struggled, ate, covered up her eating, tried to exercise it off…and repeat. When she heard people in Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) talk about food the way she thought about it, she knew she was home.Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous による
He started raiding the kitchen at age six and by age eight was a lonely, emotional binge eater. Then, as a young Black man over 300 pounds, a room full of women in Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) showed him the way to love, peace, serenity, and a healthy body.Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous による
From 3rd-grade gym class weigh-in humiliations to multiple serious adulthood health issues, she was afraid of what was coming next. At 22 years old and 280 pounds, addicted to food, cigarettes, and unhealthy relationships, she found Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA).Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous による
Joining Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) as a college student and deeply resistant to the program, she finally learned that she could put her recovery first - and STILL have the life of her dreamsFood Addicts in Recovery Anonymous による
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