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Today I’m excited to introduce you to Heidi Bollard and Natalie DuLaney of Butter Your Macros. I had the privilege of going on their podcast and I’m sharing it here with you today. These incredible women provide coaching for nutrition, weight loss and stress management. They are incredible at what they do and they are all around lovable women! If y…
In my experience, most people truly desire happiness for their spouse and find that even more fulfilling than getting everything they want. So why do we feel such an intense need to have things our way? Bonnie and Clyde provide us with a key insight to help answer that question.Natalie Clay による
This week I sit down with Elle and Jared Rowley to talk about how they have used the principle of taking care of their own needs to thrive within the demands of a marriage, four children and a successful business. To connect with Elle and Jared, find them on Instagram: @ellerowley, @jaredrowley.Natalie Clay による
For many of us, small day-to-day life challenges over time can bring more stress to our marriage than major events. Today I coach Belle and Paul—newlyweds who are facing the realities of joining their lives together—and offer them tools that can lessen the stresses of daily life.Natalie Clay による
I often get asked how to differentiate between unkind words and emotional abuse. In today's episode I discuss this with my Psychiatrist, Dr. Karl Martineau, to show how this topic is handled from the coaching and counseling perspectives. Dr. Martineau runs an adult ADHD clinic with his wife and Life Coach, Kristen Martineau. To learn more about the…
What a week we’ve all had. I held a free open coaching session this week—a lot of it, unsurprisingly, was about Covid-19 challenges—and thought it could to helpful to post it here for those who weren’t able to attend. Much love to everyone in this difficult time!Natalie Clay による
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