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It's the year 2020 and frankly the world is now a mad house. We take a look at some of the most recent stories and highlight the complete and utter madness of it all, which underneath is pushing us towards a system of control that will be anything but funny. THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO We truly now live in a Clown World where the predator class (the 1%) want to force you to believe or at least parrot that 2 + 2 equals 5. Produced by Richard Willett & Gareth Icke
Welcome To WTAF - A THIS COUNTRY Podcast! The Top 3 Itunes Podcast about the BAFTA winning BBC comedy series 'This Country'.We celebrate one of the best new comedies to hit UK screens for years. We will be chatting about the episodes in depth, interviewing the stars, creators and fans of the show.Follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @thiscountrypodEmail wtafthiscountry@hotmail.com www.patreon.com/wtaf ©️Pavo&Neil Entertainment 2021
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Santa's Wonderland! This day in history. Bulldogs are top dog in college sports. Sparkling water. Motorized cooler. Tiffany's is selling their most expensive piece of jewelry. Good RX. Your Slang 2021 report. Seth Rogen is accused of being privileged. Old Spice and Secret recall. 5 things that you can only find in Japan.…
Rich and Gaz catch up with the fortnightly insanity that is currently sweeping the planet. We have a New 'Rona' variant from Botswana incredibly to be label 'Nu' . Whilst sports personalities continue to collapse the world over with the mainstream cult owned media and even parts of the alternative media either ignoring it or explaining it away with…
Football fans who are superstitious. National holidays and celebrity birthdays. President Biden wants to help with the high gas prices. Tesla and Buc-ee's. California's theft problem. Booze shortage. Voting in New York. Plus local news and sports.Bryan Broadcasting による
Good people. My family is weird. Do you have a Turkey Trot family? Traffic at Santa's Wonderland and Circuit of the Americas. 100th anniversary of the first play by play broadcast. If you could only use one utensil, what would you pick? People are more afraid to speak their mind. Sponsored content is not news. Esports vs real sports. Dollar and a q…
Chelsea and Zach called the men's basketball game on Friday. What President Biden's new bill will do for pre-k and more. Boat backup update. Ugly Christmas sweater Crocs! Beer sign at GameDay. Coffee beans are in trouble. The dumpster fire in Austin.Bryan Broadcasting による
Recycling reminders. Chelsea overslept this morning. Taylor Swift on SNL and the chaos that came with it. Arts Council of Brazos Valley update. Holiday prep. Zach went to a 1-year-old's birthday party this weekend. Some apartment complexes require your pet's DNA to test poop. Freezing jeans.Bryan Broadcasting による
This week we get a disturbing glimpse into Joe Biden's family life, we visit Sesame Street to get experimental medical advice and the first person on earth is diagnosed with Climate Change. Yes the world is utterly insane and the only medicine maybe laughter so join us for this weeks WTAF Round up. Watch the video version of this show and all previ…
What makes you feel old? National holidays and celebrity birthdays. A trip down memory lane. Gas prices keep rising - whose fault is it? COVID cancels a college football game. Pelosi is caught partying without a mask. Plus local news and sports.Bryan Broadcasting による
President Biden's approval rating. Paying migrant families for being split up at the border. Vaccine mandates. Butt dials. Updates with the B/CS Chamber of Commerce and Long Way Home Adoptables. Sleeping with your pets. Cheddar Bay Biscuits on demand. Where do you get your recipes?Bryan Broadcasting による
Popular Thanksgiving side dishes. Pasta maker. Space exploration priorities. Zach's chiropractor experience. RIP Buddy Winn. Why is A&M so special? Thanksgiving ice cream. The biggest Lego set yet. This day in history. Active vs passive stress.Bryan Broadcasting による
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