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Stories of Communism

Stories of Communism

Erik Seligman and Manuel Castaneda

Welcome to Stories of Communism, a podcast for people of all ages where we explore the realities of life under Communism, as described in the memoirs, stories, and novels created by those suffering under this system over the past century. (Feedback email
Gay Space Communism pulls at the brightly colored threads of Gene Roddenberry's utopian vision, dares to ask if Star Trek is West Wing for Commies, and exposes Risa as Starfleet's Horny Jail. Cory, Rachel, Amy, Paul, and guests explore The TRUE Final Frontier: post-capitalism. Engage! [with this content every Thursday on the NSFWonks network.]
Hello! If you are a Srsly Wrong listener, we recommend starting with Episode 1, since that's where we directly address Srsly Wrong. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 have Srsly-Wrong style skits. Episodes 4 and 5 are rather quote-heavy. In the future, we plan to experiment with limiting the number of quotes we include and doing more discussion, doing different types of discussion, different types of skits, and different editing decisions (e.g., music)! If you have any feedback, please email srslyleft@gma ...
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Today we’re learning about the rise of communism in Nepal! A story of kings, revolution, and SO many party splits. Seriously, like a lot. Find a diagram on our socials. Check us out on social media: Merch: Instagram: @teachmecommunism Twitter: @teachcommunism Gmail: teachmecommunism@g…
In this theory episode, the crew discusses Mark Fisher's most infamous essay "Exiting the Vampire Castle". We consider the arguments presented in this essay, what merits it may or may not have, and what is its legacy in the ten years since it came out. There is a diversity of opinion of the essay in this episode, with much disagreement. Tune in to …
We’re watching the Cold War classic Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Join us as we analyze rogue generals, cowboy pilots, and the upsetting doctrine of mutually assured destruction. Check us out on social media: Merch: Instagram: @teachmecommunism …
Jamie and Aaron discuss "Emily the Criminal" (2022), the new movie starring and produced by Aubrey Plaza and directed by John Patton Ford. In this gritty, low budget thriller, a 30-something art school drop-out (Plaza) with $70,000 of student loan debt and a minor criminal record breaks bad after a sexy swindler (Theo Rossi) introduces her to the l…
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