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Doctrina Fundamental: El Señor Nuestro Dios el Señor UNO es(Deut 6:4) Dios no es Trinidad(Juan 1:1, Col 1:15) El Nombre Supremo de Dios es Jesucristo el Señor(Fil 2:9) El Bautismo es por inmersion (Rom 6:4) en el Nombre de Jesucristo el Señor( Hch 2:38) la Iglesia del Señor no es una organizacion religiosa, es el Cuerpo de Cristo (1Cor 12:27, 2 Tim 2:19)... Church of Jesus Christ in the America, Temple Philadephia 160 Pajaro St Salinas Ca 93901
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Borrowing and not repaying is a sin. If you’re giving with the expectation of receiving the money back, you’re not helping the person. If you can’t give to someone without needing it back, then don’t loan money. Learn more about loaning and borrowing money. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
Debt has become such an accepted part of life that people think it’s okay. Every time you borrow, you become a servant to the one you’re borrowing from. Getting out of debt requires drastic steps. Give God time, and wait and see what God will provide for you. Learn more about how to get out of debt. Support the show…
People see what they want to see and stay blind to what they want to stay blind to. The Lord hates for us to be spiritually blind! Sometimes you have to allow Jesus to lead you to a place that is uncomfortable. Learn more about the importance of not being spiritually blind. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
Life is one, big school. Nothing changes in life until you learn what it is that God wants you to learn. Too many people fail to recognize and operate their lives under the parameters that God has established. When you do things your way, it results in tragedy and devastation for you. Learn more about the importance of being in a constant state of …
The worst thing that can happen is for current leaders to die and fail to deposit their knowledge and wisdom into the next generation. It is our responsibility to pour into the next generation and pass the mantle to them. God wants to use the next generation to preach to a failing world. Learn more about the importance of training the next generati…
We don’t do what we do to please men; we seek God's approval. God wants to use your life so that when people see how you have changed, they will glorify Him. God wants to use you the same way He used Paul. Learn more about Galatians Chapter 1. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
We are not saved by the works of our flesh, by what we do, or because we were baptized. What puts us in right standing with God is our faith in Jesus Christ! God’s standard is about more than what you do with your flesh; it’s about the condition of your heart! Learn more about Galatians Chapter 2. Support the show…
Pastor Jenkins continues the conversation surrounding the theme of overcoming personal prisons in the book of Philippians. Personal relationships are how we win people to Jesus. Don’t make the mistake of trying to preach to people before they are ready. Learn more about overcoming personal prisons. Support the show…
We should be concerned about and have a burden for people who are not connected to Christ. Nothing should stop us from sharing Jesus with others, especially with people who don’t look like us and who don’t live the way that we live. God will come after you, no matter how far away from Him you’ve drifted. Chains are broken, people are healed, and li…
Philippians Chapter 4 highlights an appeal to unity, gives us direction on maintaining peace amid challenges and emphasizes the importance of generosity. Learn more about Philippians Chapter 4. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
We must surrender all in order to gain Christ. Our righteousness comes from our faith in Christ, which empowers us to know Him and His power. Your joy comes from your personal relationship with Jesus. Learn more about Philippians Chapter 3. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
Our sin is the reason Jesus died on the cross. With His death and resurrection, we have been given access to salvation. We have all sinned and we are all in need of forgiveness on a regular basis. Jesus has made this forgiveness possible. Learn more about how Jesus made provisions for us to be forgiven. Support the show…
We can boldly go into God’s presence because we have access to the Father at all times. We can have confidence when we do go before the Father that, as His children, He will receive and hear us. Learn more about why we shouldn't lose heart. Support the show ( K. Jenkins Sr. による
Jesus humbled Himself and was obedient by dying on the cross. As God works in you, do His will for His pleasure without complaining and disputing. We must obey and serve Christ even in the midst of our personal prisons. Learn more about Philippians Chapter 2. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
Your response to your drama is what gives others hope. We must learn to see life from God’s vantage point. When all is said and done, God is doing a good thing in you! Learn more about Philippians Chapter 1. Support the show ( K. Jenkins Sr. による
Pastor Jenkins has a discussion with First Baptist Church of Glenarden leaders on how to handle conflict. Learn more about how to properly handle conflict, especially as a leader. Support the show ( K. Jenkins Sr. による
You cannot change your situation by worrying. Seek God’s kingdom first and He will provide. Be thankful for what you have and stop worrying about what hasn’t happened yet. Learn more about why we should minimize our worrying. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
Chapter 5 highlights the proper treatment of others, walking patiently while waiting on the lord, handling life's challenges and reaching for the backslidden. Learn more about James 5. Support the show ( K. Jenkins Sr. による
God has not given us a spirit of fear. Instead, He has given us power, love and a sound mind. The power that God puts in you is greater than any power that the enemy could aim against you. Learn more about how to overcome your fears. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
Chapter 4 highlights the reasons for internal strife, the dangers of being friends with the world, a warning against judging others and direction regarding future planning. Learn more about James 4. Support the show ( K. Jenkins Sr. による
Children replicate what their parents do. Parents must teach their children about the power and presence of the Lord. We have to raise up our children to be mighty warriors of God. Learn more about raising your children God's way. Support the show ( K. Jenkins Sr. による
Life is full of transitions. The scriptures are filled with situations and people who transitioned. Prepare your provisions, plan for the period and possess the promise. Learn more about how to successfully transition in all areas of your life. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
There will be difficult days. God allows devastating things to happen because there’s something He’s trying to work in you. You cannot appreciate the sunshine until you’ve had some rain in your life. Wait patiently, walk with God, trust Him and pray until a change comes. Learn more about the benefits of trusting in God even in devastating circumsta…
The Lord grants promises through faith. Even though things may not have come to fruition, still keep the faith. You must know that your tribulations are working for your good. Learn more about how to give God glory through every situation. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
We are constantly in a war and we must approach this battle from a spiritual perspective. In this battle, the content of our prayers is of extreme importance. Learn more about how to should incorporate Psalm 20 into your prayers. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
We all have dysfunctions. There is no such thing as a perfect family. No matter how dysfunctional your family may be, the Lord can bring healing to your family if you give Him the opportunity to do so. Learn more about how the decisions of a dysfunctional family can impact others. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
God will give you a season of rest to prepare you for your promotion. You want to be ready for whatever God has for you. If all you focus on is the present moment, you’ll miss that God has a plan to achieve His ultimate purpose in your life. Learn more about how God is preparing you for elevation. Support the show…
Children are the heart of God. They need to be in an environment that prepares them for their destiny. We should continue to model worship daily and make deposits of truth to our children. Learn more about the importance of being an example for our children. Support the show (…
Pastor Jenkins explains the implications of 10 financial decisions that could prove most harmful to us. It is never too late to make wiser financial choices. Learn more about poor financial decisions and how to overcome them. Support the showJohn K. Jenkins Sr. による
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