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Like Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio on a yacht, they know it. Like Boris Johnson and the rest of them at their garden parties, they know it. Like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, they know it. GUEST: Jenin Younes Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
This afternoon, Quebec's Premier François Legault announced that they are going to punish anyone who doesn’t take the vaccine —by enforcing a new tax on them. GUEST: Franco Terrazzano Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
Disagreeing with a study I accurately described is not a fact-check on me. And simply not believing something isn’t really a fact-check on the study itself, is it? GUEST: Alexa Lavoie Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
Joining me tonight is UK Rebel reporter Lewis Brackpool to tell us how he came to be with us at Rebel News, what he did in the before times, and the issues he would focus on if COVID-19 and the tyranny it brought with it never existed. Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
Brian Peckford, former premier of Newfoundland, signed the Charter of Rights when it was drafted forty years ago. We’ll talk about the pandemic, freedom and the rule of law. Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
I honestly never heard of Tara Henley before — apparently she’s been a CBC producer and reporter for nine years. Then again, the CBC has 7,500 staff. You can’t be expected to know them all. GUEST: Matt Brevner Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
I have to laugh; all of these punishments for the people who were obedient and got their COVID vaccines — just the same as the dissidents were punished. They traded their freedom for security, but got neither. GUEST: Adam Soos Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
One of the very few media outlets that, like us, doesn't take any money from Trudeau (and it shows) is our friends at True North. Joining us for a special year-end interview is True North's founder and editor-in-chief, Candice Malcolm. Monday to Friday enjoy the audio version of Ezra Levant's daily TV-style show, The Ezra Levant Show, where Ezra gi…
The best of Andrew Says in 2021 featuring Kyle Lucey, Ian Miles Cheong, Ezra Levant, Will Witt and Amala Ekpunobi, Ryan Long, Chris Sky, Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson, Owen Shroyer, Isabel Brown, An0maly, Lindsay Shepherd, Bryson Gray, John Doyle, Gary Sheffield Jr., Tarl Warwick, Samaire Armstrong, Abdussalem 'Mocha' Bezirgan, Zuby and Alex Jo…
Michelle Stirling with Friends of Science saw right through the WEF and their transparent ploy to co-opt Christmas, and she joins the show tonight to discuss her findings. She also dissects what the recent push in medical circles for net-zero healthcare really means for patient care, particularly in the developing world. Support Rebel News…
On tonight's show, we'll talk about a TV doctor named Naheed Domain, a self-labelled “health justice activist”, and why I'm offering a $5,000 bounty on catching him breaking his own COVID rules. GUEST: Ian Miles Cheong Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
One of the reasons the National Post is in decline is because it has become a newspaper more focused on pleasing the powers that be, and applying for government grants, rather than doing great journalism in the interests of its viewers. GUEST: Dr. Teresa Pierre of Parents As First Educators Support Rebel News…
I’m not going to compare David Frum to a Nazi, because that’s too far, that’s too gross, especially considering that he’s Jewish. But it is impossible not to see his use of dehumanizing words. GUEST: Alexa Lavoie Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
Where is, for want of a better phrase, where is the chamber of commerce? The people who are supposed to champion companies? Not Facebook and Amazon and Netflix and Costco — they’ll do fine. I mean, the local guys, the small guys. Where are they? GUEST: Allum Bokhari Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
Twenty-nine thousand Canadians have died from COVID over the past two years. And in that time, a half million surgeries, including cancer surgeries, have been cancelled. Do you doubt that those missed surgeries killed, or will kill more than 29,000 people? GUEST: Franco Terrazzano Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
Although I think he could fairly be called a French nationalist, a France First candidate, Eric Zemmour is not ethnically French, he’s not descended from the Gauls — he doesn’t look like Napoleon, does he? GUEST: Marc Morano Support Rebel NewsRebel News による
Victory in the courtroom! Finally some justice for Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Chris Scott. Sheila Gunn Reid has all the delectable details. There's this whiz-bang human rights museum in Winnipeg. But get this: this museum is actually embracing a form of medical apartheid for those who want to visit. Yeah, that's right — a human rights museum is cha…
For the first time on Rebel News, 17-year-old musician and political commentator Chandler Crump joins Andrew Says to discuss the media reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, hypocrisy in the coverage of the Waukesha attack, as well as the popularity of his Let's Go Brandon chart-topping single. Support Rebel News…
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