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Could Mermaids be more than myth? Does the Aquatic Ape theory help sway anyone? follow us on Patreon for 2 extra episodes a week! We continue the conversation with Brian about Director's cuts (starting with the Snyder cut)Real Life Sci-Fi による
what does science have to say about this phenomenon. I don't remember if we actually get to a lot of the science... but we start the episode! In the bonus Patreon episode we "Make That Sandwich" with our guest Lindsay Ames.Real Life Sci-Fi による
Did you know China had a Bigfoot? let's talk about it with our good bud Blue. Check out our Patreon for 2 extra episodes a week?!?!?! also there is an ad for a new t-shirt contest we have. email us for more details if the ad doesn't do it for you wadeandwilly@gmail.comReal Life Sci-Fi による
Holy Moly. Psychological Evolution. How do we move forward as a planet when so many people are at different levels of state of minds and levels of evolution... if anything - maybe have patience for everyone.Real Life Sci-Fi による
this episode deserves an apology... I mean how many times do we go off topic? this time, Willy didn't set up Billy Meier enough to get a grasp on how big of an influence his story has had for decades GNZjFrxcQzdxDW9yb3A0 GNZjFrxcQzdxDW9yb3AOReal Life Sci-Fi による
listen to ep 82 with ford Austin first if you can. we continue with his out of body experiences with this one and ask if our minds actually need a brain. the real question is - is science right that the brain creates the mind? or does the mind inhabit a brain?Real Life Sci-Fi による
Fear of death... fear of life... what do we believe... our guest fell asleep. I hope we don't name his name... I think I edited it all out. if not - don't blame him :) Is it worth figuring out if we can figure it all out? NDE OOBE Mediums... psychics... science? can anyone be right?Real Life Sci-Fi による
Mary believes she was abducted by aliens as a child and she tells us why she thinks this. With all of the news being released finally of aliens - it's time to start taking it all very serious. we try to think of reasons why aliens could be doing this.Real Life Sci-Fi による
Bigfoot again. after watching the documentary (not on netflix anymore but still on amazon prime) does this doc hold up in any way? Willy loves it despite knowing it has its' flaws. Professor Erin is more of a Wade but she watched the doc also. follow us on patreon as we continue the conversation with erin as we improv how we would each rob a bank…
Steven Greer. Aliens. Close Encounters. Abductions. Joining the galactic community. Are we smart enough. Are we Worthy. Andy shares his personal experiences. Willy sounds like shit and bought a new mic after this.Real Life Sci-Fi による
We try to talk about both sides of the coin when it comes to getting your DNA tested, or should I say giving your DNA away. How close are we to the future? Happy Corona Virus Memorial Day!Real Life Sci-Fi による
Also - Is there a chance he didn't act alone or at all? I actually don't remember how much we get into these other tangent ideas so don't get your hopes up - HAHAHAHAHAHAHaReal Life Sci-Fi による
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