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Is there an energy around us that we can tap into and or take advantage of? Abed and Mike from ORCS IN SPACE have all of the answers you want for as little as $1 hear more bonus episodes on patreon. thank you for all of your support.Real Life Sci-Fi による
dolphins are smart and we should protect them better. willy is too blasted to bring up most of the stuff he meant to. hopefully the episode is still as compelling as he thinks the topic is Join our patreon and hear us continue the conversation with ryan about tesla and electricityReal Life Sci-Fi による
We do a long WOW scale With Adam and Anna and then we get into This windshield pitting pandemic?!?! 1954 was a long time ago but there are some weird parts to this crazy event. join us on patreon where we continue the conversation with Adam and Anna but about our experiences in comedyReal Life Sci-Fi による
Matt Chase has stories for everyone. Enjoy listening to all of them. In the bonus patreon we talk about creating a playlist for a first time mushroom user. This episode is dedicated to the very funny, talented, intelligent super hero of a man - Trevor Moore. Please donate to NEXT for Autism if you can. Thank you.…
The Library of Alexandria - who built it and who burned it? This is fascinating because, sadly, not much is actually on record of this whole crazy great bookmark of human intelligence. Join our patreon for 2 extra episodes a week! I feel like the bonus eps are more fun because we are just having fun... no "business"…
Are fragrances and added scents bad for us? Is there a conspiracy in there? Maybe. Find out with our friend Nathan. Follow us on Patreon where you could get up to 2 more episodes a week. Thank you for supporting us (and by supporting us I guess I mean our alcohol intake - ha)Real Life Sci-Fi による
After the viewing party of A Cosmic Hoax (by Steven Greer) we talk about what we believe and how important this free whistle-blowing documentary is. Join us on Patreon where we continue the conversation with Timmy. You could get an extra 4 episodes a month for only $1!!! Thank you for all your friggin support…
was the CIA working with journalists of all sorts to help spread their agenda? Are they still? I mean this was proven real. where does it end? why would it end? join our patreon where we continue to talk with Scott about sports betting!!!Real Life Sci-Fi による
Kubrick just made 2001. The US was near the end of the decade and losing the space race. How could Kubrick have faked the moon landings? Join us on Patreon to get 2 bonus episodes a week - this week we continue the conversation with Nico and talk about youtube rabbit holesReal Life Sci-Fi による
What are these? the book of life? recorded existence? Can we even talk about this after drinking? Haha, find out. we have a great time. in the bonus patreon - we talk about how small our world really is. Join us and listen to us continue our drunken conversation.Real Life Sci-Fi による
This episode is long overdue - we're talking LAPD officer turned cop killer what do we know and what is the whole story? was he a whistleblower or was he crazy? was he murdered? join us on patreon to continue off topic with CJReal Life Sci-Fi による
Can we fool ourselves forever? We chat with our friend Martin about our minds and who is maybe observing our observations from the inside. Check out our patreon where you get 2 extra bonus episodes a week including one with our guest where we continue the conversation off topicReal Life Sci-Fi による
Misinformation. Disinformation. Have any Movies been released to help muddle the truths of things that actually happened? Adding Fiction to reality to make it all unbelievable? Follow us on Patreon to get up to 2 bonus episodes a week. Or you can support us by going to and getting yourself some swag. Willy wears the Real…
what if the atom smasher could allow time travel or open portals and or wormholes to other dimensions... we talk about this with our friend Chad (maybe willy talks too much in this one) and follow us on patreon to get an extra two episodes a week. this week we chat with Chad about working in the adult entertainment industry…
Most Time Travel Rules Apply to General/Special Relativity... what needs to change? I'm Not really sure we get into this properly... but i don't remember. join our patreon to get 2 extra episodes a week. we continue the conversation with zach and talk about our perfect utopiaReal Life Sci-Fi による
steven greer's warning about a controlled disclosure lie that is about to rock the world. are we going to see anything change? should we be cautious about who is disclosing ufos to us? go to our patreon to hear us talk about being indentured servants to aliens, if they ever invade and take over.Real Life Sci-Fi による
Could Mermaids be more than myth? Does the Aquatic Ape theory help sway anyone? follow us on Patreon for 2 extra episodes a week! We continue the conversation with Brian about Director's cuts (starting with the Snyder cut)Real Life Sci-Fi による
what does science have to say about this phenomenon. I don't remember if we actually get to a lot of the science... but we start the episode! In the bonus Patreon episode we "Make That Sandwich" with our guest Lindsay Ames.Real Life Sci-Fi による
Did you know China had a Bigfoot? let's talk about it with our good bud Blue. Check out our Patreon for 2 extra episodes a week?!?!?! also there is an ad for a new t-shirt contest we have. email us for more details if the ad doesn't do it for you wadeandwilly@gmail.comReal Life Sci-Fi による
Holy Moly. Psychological Evolution. How do we move forward as a planet when so many people are at different levels of state of minds and levels of evolution... if anything - maybe have patience for everyone.Real Life Sci-Fi による
this episode deserves an apology... I mean how many times do we go off topic? this time, Willy didn't set up Billy Meier enough to get a grasp on how big of an influence his story has had for decades GNZjFrxcQzdxDW9yb3A0 GNZjFrxcQzdxDW9yb3AOReal Life Sci-Fi による
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