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This is what we call the unicorn amongst all business podcasts! Where an eminent CEO & an iconic radio & podcast host get together to interview some of the biggest Captains of The Industry. The suave Ceo of HT Media Ltd Ramesh Menon joins hands with Indias most respected & popular Radio & Podcast host Hrishikesh Kannan popularly known as Hrishi K to copresent this. Happy Listening! This a Radio One production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.
Ramen Hunter is a podcast about Ramen in Japan! Join us as we discuss Ramen related topics and trends. We'll explore the history behind the seemingly endless styles of Ramen, and give you content that does more than scratch the surface of the Ramen world. Hosted by @ramenschmoe, an American guy living in Tokyo for over 15 years.
Experience Pasco County events, news, social scene, the past, the future, and more through the eyes and ears of a multi-generational native. I'll interview your neighbors and people of interest to get the pulse on our community. Fun, informative, and respectful! Please feel free to send me things of interest to discuss or announce.
Welcome to the Way of Ramen podcast! In this series I interview Ramen chefs and people in the industry to learn the secrets to make better ramen. Whether you are a home cook or an aspiring ramen shop owner, you should find something interesting in every episode! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wayoframen/support


Cody Wilson

Are you finished playing the victim? Would you like to take control of your future? If so, this podcast is clearly for you. My name is Cody, and I have spent years figuring out this question. My podcast ranges from fitness, college, work, and finances. I truly believe that life, has its moments of stealing better futures, for the many people who face adversity in their lives. I provide insight as to some problems many of my social group face through. Join me, and learn a thing or two about h ...
Ramène Ta Science (alias RTS), c’est le podcast de vulgarisation scientifique de Geekzone. Les réponses à toutes les questions que vous pourriez vous poser sur un sujet particulier, avec notre team de chroniqueurs. Préparé et animé par Clémence et Dr. Saucisse. Chroniqué par Binnie. Réalisé par Faskil.
We are an unofficial Fueled By Ramen podcast that brings you news and discussion about the bands that make up the record label we know and love as Fueled by Ramen. Each episode we discuss the news of each of the active Fueled by Ramen Bands, along with a follow-up discussion about the bands, their music, or upcoming tours and releases.
Sun Ramen

Sun Ramen

CJSW 90.9 FM

Soup for breakfast?! That's right! Just like a bowl of soup in need of broth, no day is complete without a hearty serving of funk and soul. After the broth, your ramen is going to need noodles. After an hour of funk and soul, the wordsmiths of our age roll out the dough of life and cut it into slurp-able strips. And while you can expect every bowl of ramen to have noodles and broth, it is the differences between each recipe, the varietal galaxy of ingredients keeps you coming back for more. ...
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Madison's Advertising Report 2022 which Sam quotes from is an eye-opener for Ramesh Menon and other business leaders at large because it talks about growth rates for print, outdoor, tv, radio & digital. The advertising & media buying legend's candid take on the TV Rating Scandal that took over the nation's collective consciousness recently leaves H…
Ramesh Menon feels that Dheeraj & his team have transcended advertising. And that is really a testament to the changing culture at Leo Burnett. Plus there is a distinct pattern of communication for their brands that reflects that changing culture. Hrishi K is keen to know what's the new way to market in India & Dheeraj's take on specialised marketi…
Hrishi K has been wanting to put the finger on the pulse of the beauty business which is going through the roof. Good Glamm became India’s first beauty Unicorn with a 1.1 Billion Valuation! Ramesh Menon is all charged up to chat with the lady who’s brought together innovative and fast-growing beauty and personal care brands, powered by the Group's …
In the English language, a reflexive pronoun emphasizes someone’s personal action or involvement. You yourself are reading this paragraph. Dr. Richard highlights a humble pronoun that signifies something profound in the next PEACE episode. Watch “A Personal Definition of Peace” now!Dr. Ramesh Richard による
Ramesh Menon is fascinated that Prashant & Kellogg have built a INR 1500cr. breakfast cereal category right from scratch and today they're proudly the #1 breakfast cereal brand loved by millions. The Kelloggs india story needs a deep dive. Hrishi K probes Peres on their product portfolio & how brand Kelloggs has managed to look at and build product…
This one really is an FAQs podcast episode on all things Crypto, Bitcoins & VDAs ( Virtual Digital Assets ). The concerns that our hosts Ramesh Menon & Hrishi K could easily be your concerns spoken out aloud! Is it safe & is the government and the banking sector viewing the space with scepticism? But one thing that cannot be ignored is that this is…
Chaos is one good way to summarize the world these days. Can we have any kind of peace or stability? A statement almost buried in a letter to first-century Thessalonian believers holds tremendous promise. Dr. Richard explains in the second PEACE series podcast.Dr. Ramesh Richard による
Diving into Infotech in this episode. Hrishi K is fascinated that Anand has been a software programmer, client engagement manager, business development professional and now head of global IT operations and navigated through all those roles effortlessly. Ramesh wants the lowdown from Sahay on DevOps as a software engineering culture and practice & t…
I saw an interesting tweet announcing a new Ramen Noodle company in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I had to investigate. Figured this would be a good time to talk specifically about noodles and give the listeners a taste of how complicated this rabbit hole is. I enlisted Mike Satinover aka Ramen Lord to help me in our discussion with Shotaro Uchid…
Many churches today observe a powerful liturgical conversation in which the leader says, “Peace be with you,” and the people reply, “And also with you.” In his first devotional on Peace, Dr. Richard introduces a similar early church greeting that empowers believer still today. Listen Now.Dr. Ramesh Richard による
声優・歌手として活動する涼城えみと黒元 貴が、姫と執事に扮してお届けするトーク番組です。 マンスリーゲストをお迎えして、クイズやゆるキャラ&ご当地キャラ紹介などのコーナートークから、普段は聞けないイベント裏話など盛り沢山の30分! RaMET王国は毎月第2第4金曜日に配信中! 姫のブログ「http://ameblo.jp/suzushiroemi/」 執事のブログ「http://ameblo.jp/taka-revo/」 番組宛のお便り、感想などは「ramet@fmmatsudo.com」まで! ※現在リスナー様からのコーナー募集・セリフ指示等は一切行っておりません。 ゲスト様や姫&執事宛の”質問”や”感想”、”応援メッセージ”等を募集しておりますのでその旨ご理解、ご了承下さい。 姫や執事の…
Ramesh Menon is intrigued at how effortlessly Nagpal turned a major corner with his brand. Namely giving it a rebranding, repositioning and rehaul from Tata Sky to Tata Play. Hrishi K loves how Harit drops truth bombs in the most nonchalant & natural manner & gets to the point with his remarkable insights as opposed to beating around the bush!…
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