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Has Hollywood ruined your favorite comic book franchise? Don't fret, because Not Another Origin Story is here to critique the plot-holes, commend the casting, and certify the source material. Comedians Ben and Pogues, along with a passionate guest or two, assemble with their best jokes and sharpest opinions to take on every comic book film one by one. Subscribe today so you can download, listen, comment, and argue with us! New episodes Thursdays.
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Ben and Pogues continue on with part II of Justice League: The Synder Cut. They talk shitty pointless fight scenes, more endings than Lord of the Rings but with two really bad actors (looking at your Eisenberg and Leto, and discuss the pointlessness of Batman.Ben Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger による
Ben and Pogues take on the first half of Justice League The Synder Cut. They talk excessive slow-mo and music queues, crammed in origin stories, and question when the movie will actually start.Ben Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger による
Ben and Pogues are back for a minisode. Check out their appearance on B Movie Mania's Not Quite Canon. They watch a 2003 Batman fan film with host (and everyone's favorite NAOS guest) Mike Hayes Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger による
Ben and Pogues head back to school with X-men First Class....a movie with no schooling. They talk wasted mutants, misunderstandings how nuclear war works, and wonder why there wasn't more Magneto: Nazi Hunter.Ben Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger による
Ben, Pogues and podcast all star Mike watch Faust: Love of the Damned.They talk disturbing T&A practical effects, Wolverine knock off, eyebrow acting, and Mike tries to find a deeper meaning.There was an audio issue with this recording hence the delay in release. It was fixed as much as possible.Ben Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger による
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