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My goal is to always surround myself with people that push me to do and be better. No drama or mess. Just higher goals and higher vibrations. Good vibes, good times and positive energy. People simply bringing out the best in each other. Every Thursday evening join me on my Business Page, link in the comments, as I have a talk to just some of these individuals. 6:30pm AEST Talking to LEGENDS.
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Well today was the day the big finale of Logans Europe trip. Well not really the finale he still has got one day left in Rome but today was the day we got to sing in front of the pipe at the Vatican. Massive achievement for my little fella.
Today’s The day everybody. National Success Congress is a conference with a lot of motivational speakers that I’m going to today. Amongst those are Grant Cardone and Kerwin Rae, but today’s the day I’ll get to see Gary Vee live in the flesh for the first time, and I can’t wait.
We tend to take negative comments and feedback to heart, well at least I do. It’s something I’m really trying to deal with in a positive way. The same can be said for the adulation and praise we receive. You cannot hang your boots up and think your finished when you receive either. Play the long game. Play to play👍🏼…
I want to share with you a few tips I’ve used over the years to diminish my fears. Seriously, why should we live in fear over small things? Just because we think of them as BIG things, doesn’t mean they are. Fears are good. They help us grow. I’m grateful for my fears🙏🏼
What are your goals? What are your dreams? Do you have a vision of the future that you are working towards right now? If you have a vision and you are working towards that right now I implore you to start something today. It’s easy for us to go day by day doing the same thing, not pushing ourselves through our fears and outside our comfort zone‘s. …
When you think of the term”Entrepreneur” what picture does it conjure up for you? For me, I think of Beck V Carlson. I first met Beck through our online business over 4 months ago and the growth I have seen in this Powerhouse Entrepreneur has been remarkable. I finally met Beck in person at an exclusive function, The Freedom Fest, held by our mento…
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