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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Better late than never. Hamstrung by a busted keyboard (for all those who read the ep notes last week, you might have seen this one coming), we're getting this to you after the dust has settled, but one thing that will never be taken away from you or anyone else in BillsMafia: The Buffalo Bills are your 2020 AFC EAST CHAMPIONS…
Well that was the complete game we've been waiting for and it happened on a prime time MNF stage with Josh Allen lighting it up for the best game in his career. Life is good. There's a global pandemic right now, but life is good. GO BILLS!Bills and Beers による
By now there are many aspects of the biannual Pats* matchup which have become excruciatingly reliable--not least of which are the highly vulgar podcasts that follow. You've been warned. We're going to the playoffs, resting the starters, GO BILLS.Bills and Beers による
And with that, we've matched last year's wins in half the games. It's been an ugly road to 6-2, but one this team hasn't been down since Clinton's first term. So we'll take it. We'll take the win, we'll take the way the AFC is shaping out, and we'll take it straight to Cleveland, GO #BILLS!Bills and Beers による
Fair warning to some of our more gentile listeners: this podcast, much like today's game, get's pretty profane about halfway through the first quarter. We're still 3-1, everyone figured 3-1 was best case scenario, let's clean it up and head into the bye 4-1, GO BILLS!Bills and Beers による
They're off to the start they needed, and now the #Bills come back to #Buffalo for a shot at three in a row before their first true test. Today's game was considerably less stressful than last week's, and you'll probably find the same to be true of this week's pod. GO BILLS!Bills and Beers による
And with THAT, our crew has completed our 10th #Bills season--the FIRST that we've wrangled an episode each week during the regular season for better or for worse. Kyle Williams will be missed, we've been a fan of his from day one, but the future is looking bright in #Buffalo, so let's get into it!Bills and Beers による
The first chapter of Allen v Darnold was a sour one indeed. You'll hear it in our voices, this was a tough and contentious one, but a visit from our good friends at @BBillsMNY got us back on track, thinking good thoughts about days to come as we looked back on dismal days gone by. Go #Bills!Bills and Beers による
So many stories of the day--the refs, the brawl, The Kid--all bubbling over to form the festering rivalry that is #Bills v Jags. The crew was traveling for Thanksgiving, but we roped in who we could, and even had a special appearance from @RockpileReport, so tune in!Bills and Beers による
This makes three consecutive weeks in which someone has asked "what the hell are you going to talk about on the podcast?" Well, you'll have to tune in to find out. These are dark days indeed in #Bills nation, and we make no promises for lightening the mood. Sorry, not sorry.Bills and Beers による
Oh, what's up, #Billsmafia? You thought that just because that game left you speechles that we were too? Ha, fat chance. This is season 10 of BnB and the #Bills haven't crushed our spirits yet. Sure, this is unfathomably one of the darkest points for the franchise, but whatever, a podcast we shall record: GO BILLS!…
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