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Lutherans For Life

The Youth4Life podcast answers THE question of today's generation: Why should I be 4 Life? Recorded with a live youth audience, each Youth4Life podcast focuses on a single life topic and provides facts, discussion starters, and opportunities for youth to become Gospel-motivated voices 4 Life!
Absolutely committed to starting a revolution, just uncertain how to begin, the hosts of WTF...What Youth Crusade begin nevertheless. Join Germaine, Leon, Kate and Bob as they embark on a cosmically inspired process of hyper speed media ecology, noticing obsolete current conditions and offering perceptive insights into the New Environment.
The FYI on Youth Ministry brings together the Fuller Youth Institute’s groundbreaking research, practical advice from ministry experts, and heartfelt stories from diverse church leaders and young people to give you ideas and inspiration for your youth ministry. Join Kara Powell and the FYI Team as we equip faithful young people to change our world together. Find out more at
One Youth

One Youth

One Heart Church

One Youth exists to give young people the opportunity to experience genuine and personal encounters with Jesus. being a bridge for youth into church life. As well as being a training ground for future generations to discover and develop their God given purpose and potential. Then releasing them to be fruitful and multiply. One Youth is the is the youth ministry of One Heart Church, WE ARE ONE HEART.
Welcome to the Youth Ministry Booster podcast! The most honest podcast in student ministry. We are the biggest fans of youth ministry leaders. We are here for you weekly to engage, entertain, equip, and encourage.Youth ministry is better together.Hosted by Zac Workun and Chad Higgins. Learn more @
The Local Youth Worker is a podcast brought to you by Reformed Youth Ministries ( It's a daily podcast that's centered on five questions each week. Ranging from the practical to the professional, we’re looking for answers to questions you’re asking. Whether you’re in full-time, part-time or volunteer youth ministry, this podcast is for you.
The Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast aims to advance gospel centered youth ministry by equipping and empowering youth ministers and parents to faithfully disciple students toward lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. The Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast is part of the Rooted Family of Podcasts which also includes Ask Alice, All About Boys and Thanos to Theos. For more grace filled, gospel-centered, Bible saturated resources be sure to visit
The Passionate Youth Worker podcast is your invitation to explore your own life experiences by listening to other’s personal stories. Join me, Paul Meunier, the executive director of the Youth Intervention Programs Association, as I interview youth workers from around the globe to reveal how their unique life experiences impact their work. Tune in and be inspired to consider how your story uniquely impacts your youth work. Want to share your passion? Be a guest on the show! Have feedback abo ...
Join Doug Fields, Josh Griffin & Jessica Sanchez from the trenches of their youth ministry! Every week they’ll download what happened and share learnings, ideas and tips that will help you be a better youth worker, too! Take half an hour to be refreshed, challenged and get plenty of laughs along the way from these veteran youth workers with 60+ years combined experience. Check out some of the amazing resources and fantastic youth worker community at:
The Youth Hoops Pod

The Youth Hoops Pod

Pro Skills Basketball

The Youth Hoops Pod is presented by Pro Skills Basketball, a professional youth basketball organization dedicated to teaching young players skills for basketball, skills for life, and more generally, skills for success. The Youth Hoops Pod covers a wide range of relevant youth basketball topics from high school & AAU basketball to college recruiting to NCAA basketball to the NBA & professional overseas basketball to mental health & performance to leadership and much more. Listen and subscrib ...
Hello and Welcome to “Every Youth Matters”. I’m Dr John Tan. For the past 30 years, I’ve been helping youths realize their life potential. In recent years, though, I’ve helped parents, teachers, counsellors and youth workers engage their teenagers and youths. In this podcast I will share tips, tools and ways to reach what may be that difficult or challenging youth who just would not respond to your best intentions or actions. What can we do to reach and win their hearts? I believe that a you ...
Freshly Brewed is a podcast created especially for teens and their families in the Diocese of Madison. Tune in every Thursday morning! This podcast will include inspiration, information and stories to help encourage you in the daily living of the faith. Freshly Brewed is hosted by Lindsay and Meghan of the Diocese of Madison.
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Josh and Jessica discuss strategies for making the most out of Junior High and High School ministry, whether they're separate or combined! Link to the online course on programming mentioned by Josh in the show! Podcast Network による
PLEASE LEAVE US A ***** FIVE STAR REVIEW ***** ON I-TUNES! An interview with Brad Griffin! So much of youth ministry is built on programming, hype, and fun. But under the surface of all of that great stuff lies the existential workings of the teenage mind. That’s where we need to go, and where we go in today’s episode. What are teenagers really thi…
In this episode of Bitcoin & Basketball we discuss the brand new partnership between Coinbase and the NBA and the effects this will have on Bitcoin becoming a legit commodity In our society. We also discuss the launch of Bitcoin Futures ETF and how this legitimizes Bitcoin on the market. ---------------- The Youth Hoops Pod covers topics such as: H…
Invite Jesus into your heart. Cross the line of faith. Become a Christian. Confess and repent. Salvation. It has a lot of names or descriptors, but are we honestly concerned about seeing students make that important decision? Of course we are. Yet, in the busyness of our youth ministries, sometimes we miss the opportunity to emphasize that core bel…
Monrovia, Liberia: George King has a life story that could have stopped him in his tracks. He lost his father at age 3 to the civil war in Liberia. His mother could not raise him so his aunt put him in an orphanage. But somehow George saw the blessing in this as it gave him the chance to get an education. He now gives that chance to other young chi…
25 October 2021 Another Youth Ministry Podcast EP 66: The Necessity to be Flexible In this episode, we talk about being flexible and even look at Paul's experience before the Macedonian Call, on what it must have felt like to be flexible at that moment.BFC Board of Youth and Young Adults による
Struggling with your reality right now? Finding it hard to accept? I've been there and, in this episode, I offer three keys to accepting your reality by faith. Ministry Minded Coaching Group…
PART TWO: The sermon in this review was preached by Sadie Robertson Huff at the 2021 LO Sister Conference. This video was published on YouTube on September 2nd, 2021. All rights belong to Sadie Roberston. This video is for teaching and review purposes only and is protected under fair use. Fair use is a doctrine in the United States copyright law th…
On the last episode of Season 1 of The Birding Life Youth Podcast, we continue with the brilliant interview Mark had with the Ndebele Nightjars about their 2020 Birding Big Day, and what they think are essentials on Birding Big Day! Don't miss it! For more resources go on to The Birding Life's website: Follow us on social…
1970 was a long, long time ago. In September of that year, Ford introduced the Pinto. The supersonic Concorde landed for the first time at Heathrow Airport. The first New York city marathon was held. Both the Mary Tyler Moore show and Monday Night Football premiered. And along with all of that, I was fourteen years old and starting my freshman year…
The four steps are: 1. Identify the behaviour 2. Understand the effect of the behaviour 3. Identify the cause of the behaviour 4. Avoid common mistakes Having a systematic way to handle misbehaviours is a helpful process.Soul Rich Woman, Instant Podcast Leader による
Noel catches up with William Sadler. The legendary actor is best known for his roles in Die Hard 2, The Bill and Ted sequels and The Shawshank Redemption. William talks about getting started in the business and how the first episode of HBO's Tales From the Crypt advanced his career.Noel Fogelman による
Join Hamish Morgan and I as we discuss the trending Korean TV show Squid Game and the Japanese TV show Alice in Borderland and how it reflects the truth about human nature. This show was broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin -
'The Heart of a Youth Leader' is a weekly series, aimed at all those who work with children and young people in a church context. 'The Heart of a Youth Leader' is a weekly series, aimed at all those who work with children and young people in a church context. In this episode, Andy looks at the difference between being a community and being God's fa…
In this episode, Indah chats with Emma Soloai who works for Youth Projects, which is a charity in Melbourne helping homeless youths. Indah and Emma chat about many things such as education and the importance of working from a "ground-up" approach. Please listen and share this podcast. Follow on Instagram @youthologypodcast and on Facebook. Also, su…
Dan and Brennan return to the movie theater for Halloween Kills! They will discuss if their opinions of Halloween 2018 have changed since that Drive Time episode on the way to the theater and their raw initial spoilery reactions after on the drive home! Join us in the Corrupted Youth Dongle Den on Facebook…
Three researchers from our Living a Better Story project, Jennifer Guerra Aldana, Jane Hong-Guzman De Leon, and Andy Jung share what they learned about listening and ministering to a young, diverse generation. This episode is hosted by 3 Big Questions coauthor Kara Powell.Fuller Youth Institute による
Youth ministry is a chance for teenagers to find faith, community, and mentors. Yet, releasing students to join a community like that is scarier for some than most student pastors will admit. It's October so let's talk about fear. Who's fear? Parents fears, youth pastors fears, and the space in-between. It's time we tackle the unspoken fears and br…
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