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This podcast talks about various aspects of strength and conditioning, coaching, life, and how to attack and live every day like an Underdog! If you have any questions you want me to answer on the podcast or privately, email me nmaruca49@gmail.com
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In this weeks episode I discuss how to program and change your training frequency depending on where you are in the sport season as well as for the general population. Also take a look at the NHSSCA conference line up for next year!!https://nhssca.us/Nick Maruca, CSCS, ACSM-CIFT による
In this weeks episode I have my first guest, a long time friend of mine Alex Titus. We discuss a little bit about game 3 of the NBA finals, and what it was like for him having his dad as his baseball coach growing up and the pressures that came along with it, as well as a some of the things we did growing up!…
in this episode I talk about a few tips on how to train youth (middle schhool, hs) aged athletes. I am just touching the surface and also give some insight into my personality and coaching style-Stick to the basics- No cookie cutter programs- Individualize the workouts- Emphasize proper body movements/patterns- Care about your athletes- HAVE FUN…
in the third epsiode I discuss various aspects of being an athlete vs a coach and the similarities and differences between both. Topics include: -Pressure-Expectations-Patience-Committment-SuccessIf you have any questions youd like answered, shoot me an email nmaruca49@gmail.comNick Maruca, CSCS, ACSM-CIFT による
In episode 2, I delve into some of my stories growing up playing soccer and going through surgery and PT, and the impact caring about your athletes can have on their performance!Nick Maruca, CSCS, ACSM-CIFT による
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