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《TSP怪奇档案》(The Strange Profile)是一档集合了科幻 / 野史 / 中外神话 / 都市传说 等题材于一身的强趣味,强科普性质的脱口秀节目。由飞面与《食色性》原班人马共同打造,希望在带给你冷门科普的同时,让你获得更多有趣的谈资。 weibo:食色性-两性清流 攻种号:食色性STUDIO
Welcome to the rambunctious world of TSprads. Week to week I'll get you caught up on the hilarity and stupidity that is my life as I tell you all "where I'm at with that." Co-hosts and guests will join me for games and discussion of weekly themes. I'll desperately reach out for interactions with my one faithful listener per week via Twitter polls and conversations. Keep laughing and keep it weird, my friends.
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The boys are back. Skidmark's Stupid Ideas, Lucas' Technical Stuff'n'Things kick off an episode where we discuss an epic race at Zandvoort, cover the week's race news including the controversy at the Dutch GP before diving into a preview of Monza, capped with Losing Money with No Rubber.
All three of the boys are back to cover the weeks race news, take a look back at the Belgium Grand Prix and preview the Dutch Grand Prix. New segments "Stupid Ideas with Skidmark" and "Technical stuff n thing" make their debut along with "Losing Money with No Rubber".
主播:TAKO / 黄瓜 / 芭比 规则类怪谈的呼声一直很高 今天就一起来分享和分析三篇 来源: 育英中学校园指南 A岛-作者:DH6oPBe 月落电影院 小红薯-作者:喵 银湖山墓园 zhi乎-作者:iexceed-我超 BGM: 人形の館 - 岩崎琢
主播:TAKO / 黄瓜 / 张老师 宋朝自然是一个风雅的时代 但风雅之间也夹杂了许多国仇家恨 在这样一个背景下 陆游与唐琬、李清照与赵明诚、苏轼与王弗 三对文人的爱情故事 为何都是悲剧收场? BGM: 醉清波 - 苏畅/肖斯塔
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