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What we learned as a teenager, a college student, a mature adult, a parent, and citizen intertwines and forges a strong yet pliable state of mind.We can afford the time to sit back and consider. A retired state of mind emerges that gives us the most comprehensive picture of the world we will ever have.…
Being retired doesn't mean that vacations are meaningless. They work for us just like they do for others. They recharge our batteries. They bring freshness into our minds and bodies. They help us re-create ourselves. We come back with renewed vision and interest in life.Del Lowery による
Most intriguing is this connection between physical exercise and the brain. The common assumption is that exercise benefits the muscles and cardiovascular system. This is true, but the effect exercise has on the emotional and mental aspects of life is rarely discussed.Del Lowery による
Sometimes I think being retired and being a caregiver are synonymous. Perhaps not synonymous but at least closely related. Retirement usually comes to us in our sixties and it is at that same age that our parents are moving into their eighties. At the same time kids or grandkids may be moving in on us.…
Retirement is usually accompanied by getting older. We age. We become a bit more concerned with our health - physical and mental. What to do? It seems like there is one suggestion that improves both. We might do well to make this part of our daily routine.Del Lowery による
We don't like to think about suicide. It has a stigma attached which we try to avoid. It is not so for many of us under certain conditions. Several states have accepted the practice with just a slight change in terminology to "Death With Dignity" or "Assisted End of Life" terminology.Del Lowery による
It is not easy to maintain a sense of self and a sense of direction. The media and the commercialization of our society continually undermine it. Retirement throws us into a new world where we have to assert ourselves. Work is no longer our major source of identification.Del Lowery による
Be they good or bad retirement has a way of bringing some of our past actions to mind. We have the time and energy to reflect. We may be surprised at how what we did at one time can change with reflection seasoned by time, experience, and understanding.Del Lowery による
Retirement and dogs seem to be a match made for all. The dog gets us out for air and exercise. The dog smothers us with affection. The dog loves us unconditionally. Yet there remains many of us who do not have a dog. Reasons do exist. Probably more than we can imagine.Del Lowery による
The story we tell ourselves and others about our lives matters. Moments of when we perceive our life as hanging in the balance. We need the story. And so do those we know. Perhaps it is the thing that matters most; dramatic incidents or incidents that we see as dramatic.Del Lowery による
We all know it is impossible to keep up with technological change in everything. We have to pick our battles. Or we could just hide and keep our head down. We can keep up with some areas of technology. And we will have to accept that it will be an everlasting challenge.Del Lowery による
Worry seems to be part of what living is all about. Memory is steeped in it. From childhood to old age it seems to always be present. Sometime it might be nice to just stop and enjoy the moment, the day or even a week or two. Retirement may offer the last chance.Del Lowery による
Health care expenses are a major problem for many of us. It is of particularly importance for those in the gap years before Medicare benefits apply. Here are some ideas for dealing with the issue that have come in from listeners to this podcast.Del Lowery による
Then take a deeper dive into the corrosive effects of ageism with Betsy Abramson, Executive director of the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging. Betsy sees ageism as a full-fledged health crisis, and has the research to back that claim. And she has solutions, ways you can fight back against stereotypical comments and behaviors.…
Keeping in mind what we really want to do in life is not easy. Retirement sometimes even makes it more difficult. We are free to choose and can no longer blame someone else or something else for our actions. It comes down to establishing priorities; keeping them in first position and staying with your own decisions.…
Spend any time reading, watching or listening to the news or weather? Why? Retirement offers us time to really think about what we are doing with our life. Are we really doing what we want with our time? Or are we drifting along in our old ruts?Del Lowery による
Modern society has a way of tearing families apart. Jobs appear and then disappear. Many times a move is required to stay employed. Retired people many times find living close to children and grandchildren very desirable. What to do when a move is required?Del Lowery による
Talk by Michael Lee Smith, a featured speaker at the 2018 Healthy Aging Summit presented by the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging. Michael holds the view that sexually active “olders” are healthier and happier. But adds, that doesn’t necessarily mean sex, that intimacy is the real key. Lee Smith shares stories of his early research days at the …
It cost a yearly fee to be a member of but the benefits are well worth it. You exchange time in your place for time in someone else's. These exchanges are free. No money exchanges hands. The possibilities are endless. We have found it a great addition to our retirement years.Del Lowery による
As we get older we have stories to tell. Stories to pass on to the future generations. Stories of where we went wrong and where we went right. Our grandchildren need to learn to value our history and all history. We don't want to hold back when it comes to telling our stories to one and all.Del Lowery による
Scam is what they call it today. We use to call it a con. There is something about it that is insidious and yet something that makes it so intriguing. Retired people are at high risk. Some of us start to loose a bit of our analytical skills. We become easy marks.Del Lowery による
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