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A team of researchers from Japanese universities has found that a herd of Japanese deer inhabiting around Nara Park in the western Japan city of Nara has maintained a unique genotype for over 1,000 years.株式会社時事通信社 による
Japan is seriously concerned about the situation in Myanmar, which continues to worsen even two years after the military coup in the Southeast Asian country, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said Wednesday.株式会社時事通信社 による
Public prosecutors on Wednesday sought a prison term of two years and six months for former Aoki Holdings Inc. Chairman Hironori Aoki for allegedly giving bribes over the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which took place in the summer of 2021.株式会社時事通信社 による
Three Japan Railways Group firms posted consolidated net profits in the April-December period for the first time in three years, as passenger demand recovered thanks to the resumption of economic activities after COVID-19 restrictions, according to their earnings reports.株式会社時事通信社 による
Box-office revenues in Japan surged 31.6pctfrom the previous year to 213,111 million yen in 2022, mainly reflecting the popularity of Japanese anime films, the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan said Tuesday.株式会社時事通信社 による
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday shared concerns about the possibility of deeper military cooperation between China and Russia.株式会社時事通信社 による
Kansai Electric Power Co. said Tuesday that it has set up a task force to investigate the cause of the fraudulent viewing by some employees of client information managed by a subsidiary.株式会社時事通信社 による
Tokyu Department Store Co.'s flagship store in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward, which had been the symbol of the famous commercial district in the Japanese capital, closed its doors on its 55-year history on Tuesday.株式会社時事通信社 による
Japanese consumer affairs minister Taro Kono said Tuesday that he has instructed the Consumer Affairs Agency to work to start imposing penalties stipulated in the donation victim relief law from April 1.株式会社時事通信社 による
The Philippine Department of Justice will hand over to Japanese authorities on Wednesday one of four Japanese detainees suspected of being involved in a string of recent robberies in Japan, it was learned on Tuesday.株式会社時事通信社 による
Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said Tuesday that he received a souvenir from Prime Minister Fumio Kishida that was bought by Kishida's eldest son, Shotaro, a secretary to the prime minister, during the father's recent official overseas trip.株式会社時事通信社 による
The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to set a new target of "roughly halving" by fiscal 2030 the estimated maximum death toll, currently at some 6,100, from a possible huge earthquake occurring directly under the Japanese capital, it was learned on Tuesday.株式会社時事通信社 による
A stock price manipulation scandal is estimated to have pushed down SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.'s revenue in April-December 2022 by 33 billion yen, according to the Japanese brokerage firm.株式会社時事通信社 による
Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kozuki has requested the early realization of Japanese fishing operations in waters near four northwestern Pacific islands at the center of a longstanding territorial dispute with Russia, based on an intergovernmental accord, according to the Japanese Embassy in Moscow.…
The Japanese government will require inland fish farmers to register the species they cultivate and some other details, starting in April, after an increasing number of companies entered the business in recent years.株式会社時事通信社 による
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