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The American Institute for Economic Research, also known as AIER, is an economic research institute located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1933 by the 20th century economist Edward C. Harwood with the intention of protecting individual rights and continues to produce quality content on subjects of policy, philosophy and economic science.
Where technology, science, politics, economy & society meet - think, learn and be entertained a little along the way! Bi-weekly interviews, discussions and latest topics & events that you should know about presented in an interdisciplinary way! GARI is a research institute that uses advanced technology, such as AI with Big Data, to visualise, understand and create the ability to manage globalisation.
What happens to your body during an allergic reaction? Two leading paediatric allergists and researchers, Professor Katie Allen and Professor Mimi Tang from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute break down in detail the diagnosis, management, prevention, and cure of allergies, as well as the facts and myths about intolerances and treating other diseases like asthma and eczema. For more episodes download the free LiSTNR app
Neuropsychologist Professor Vicki Anderson from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute helps you understand the impacts of a concussion in your children and explains the differences in severity of hits to the head. The podcast details what actually happens to the brain, the steps to help diagnose and manage head injuries, and the advancements in future technology. For more episodes download the free LiSTNR app.
How does a New York city block transform from brothels to boutiques? Can a benevolent dictator cause economic growth? The Success Project Podcast Series explores how development happens at levels you've never considered. The Success Project podcast series is made in collaboration with NYU’s graduate students. Host Will Compernolle invites scholars to present their research and discuss emerging issues in development and economics. Produced by Carmen Cuesta Roca.
The Black Boys and Men: Changing the Narrative podcast series brings together thought leaders to analyze stereotypes and dispel myths concerning Black boys and men, to explore their strengths and achievements, and to discuss the many ways in which all of us can support their progress and well-being. SEASON 2 OUT NOW • JANUARY 20, 2020 For the second season of Black Boys and Men: Changing the Narrative, we took the podcast on the road, from Little Rock to Chicago to Philly and back to NYC. Ho ...
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“As argued in principle by Madison, confining our country’s broad experiences with any issue or belief–in this case, gun legislation–to one sweeping federal action would miss the mark and create a great injustice to American federalism.” ~ David Gillette & Lauren Frazier
Stewart Kwoh will introduce the Asian American Education Project, formed in 2021, and widely regarded as having the most comprehensive K-12 Asian American history curricula. Offering K-12 APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) online learning resources, the Project facilitates professional development courses as well as free training workshop…
To mark International Nurses Day 2022 we talk with NIHR Associate Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Lead Matron at the NIHR Clinical Research Facility in Southampton and former president of the International Association of Clinical Research Nurses (IACRN), Jennifer Allison. Jennifer discusses how she got into research, the IACRN's International Nu…
Today I’m chatting with Florian Neukart from Terra Quantum about all things quantum, what is quantum physics and technology, how can it be applied and what will it look like in the automotive, medical, pharmacy, finance, and energy sectors, and why is combining the first and second quantum revolutions exciting? To see more of the transcript, please…
“Just like drinking, expansionary monetary policy can provide a temporary (or transitory) high at first (faster real output growth and reduced unemployment). However, the ill effects come later (in an inflation “hangover”).” ~ Gary M. Galles
“AIER’s Everyday Price Index rose again in April led by food prices. Sustained price pressures, a new Fed tightening cycle, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and lockdowns in China are threats to the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes
“These times of polarization pose real challenges to mass marketers. Companies such as Twitter and Disney offend the sensibilities of the mass market at their own peril. And their recent stock prices suggest they could do better.” ~ Clifford F. Thies
“Show the other view’s drawbacks. But, please, do not call the other side nihilists. It is baseless. It misleads, and it is the sort of language that will contribute to already evident political dysfunction in the US.” ~ Randal Hendrickson
“Thomas Friedman declared in his 2005 book The World is Flat, that the world is flat. This “flattening” (or leveling of the playing field, as we might think of it) continues today in radically new ways that Friedman may not have imagined.” ~ Emile Phaneuf
“It’s time to end mandate drift once and for all. We need qualified nominees who understand the proper role of monetary policy. Unfortunately, Dr. Cook falls short on both counts.” ~ Alexander William Salter
Senior nurse at the James Paget University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust and NIHR 70@70 Senior Research Leader alumni, Claire Whitehouse discusses her journey into research, how COVID impacted international collaboration and the ground-breaking UK and Ireland nursing and midwifery census. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those…
“It’s time the Fed accepts responsibility and moves decisively to curb inflation before the problem gets even worse. Volcker’s Fed whipped inflation, and Powell’s Fed can, too.” ~ Nicholas Curott & Tyler A. Watts
Tolerance and Risk examines the ways that discourses of liberal rights, including feminist and LGBTQ rights, are mobilized to racialize Muslims as uncivilized, even as they garner sympathy and identification with some Muslims.Mitra Rastegar による
The Fed seems resolved to see inflation climb further. I expect FOMC members will revise up their projections of inflation again in June. They should revise their course of action, to bring inflation down as planned, instead.
“Across the world, Gladstein’s investigative journalism shows how Bitcoin is a tool for individuals and communities to protect their wealth and promote their well-being in the face of repressive regimes. It is a sobering perspective” ~ David Waugh
Portrayed in Western discourse as tribal and traditional, Afghans have in fact intensely debated womens rights, democracy, modernity, and Islam as part of their nation building in the post-9/11 era. In her new book, Television and the Afghan Culture Wars, Wazhmah Osman places television at the heart of these public and politically charged clashes w…
“New-home sales fell again in March as prices and mortgage rates continue to rise. Elevated prices and rising mortgage rates may further weaken demand, and combined with significant inventory, put downward pressure on prices.” ~ Robert Hughes
In the struggles for prison abolition, global anti-imperialism, immigrant rights, affordable housing, environmental justice, fair labor, and more, twenty-first-century Asian American activists are speaking out and standing up to systems of oppression. Creating emancipatory futures requires collective action and reciprocal relationships that are nur…
Joining Dr Neil Hill and Reuben Lewis in this episode is Siân Rilstone - a Research Dietician at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Siân discusses the research projects she is working on, exploring how people living with diabetes can exercise safely. Siân also shares her thoughts on the importance of focussing on both diet and exercise to manag…
“Unfortunately for the administration, their politically-convenient supply-side stories explain far too little. Today’s inflation is primarily the result of excessive nominal spending, which the Fed could have and should have offset.” ~ William J. Luther
“Existing-home sales fell again in March, but supply remains very tight. Shifting housing preferences, record-high prices, and surging mortgage rates are likely to impact demand over the coming months and quarters.” ~ Robert Hughes
“In Tocqueville’s visit to America, he is struck by an ‘equality of conditions’—his approach to social capital. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the equality of values people hold dear. Public health is important, but so is personal freedom.” ~ Byron B. Carson III
“I would claim that the growth of platforms that allow peer-to-peer cooperation, and foster the low-cost commodification of excess capacity, are likely to change our relations to work, to ownership, and to each other.” ~ Michael Munger
“By offering bigger seats and more legroom, airlines are essentially asking if we’re ready to cover the cost of providing the additional comfort. When we choose cheaper, less comfortable economy class seats, we’re saying ‘No, thank you.’” ~ Art Carden
“AIER’s Everyday Price Index surged in March as upward price pressures continue. Global economic turmoil surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a new Fed tightening cycle are boosting uncertainty for the economy.” ~ Robert Hughes
“If antitrust actions go too far, it wouldn’t deliver us an era of perfect competition or vast choices. It would deny internet consumers of innovative options and stall the entrepreneurial forces that have allowed them to grow and provide value.” ~ Yaël Ossowski
“Under the classical liberal ideal, governments are formed to protect individual rights. Nothing could be further from this in Shanghai. A city of over 25 million people is being dehumanized because of a spike in largely asymptomatic COVID-19 cases.” ~ David Waugh
Today’s podcast with Sebastian Hallensleben includes topics on the impact of generative AI with tools like deep fake, the future of platforms like Facebook and the creation of new platforms for constructive discourse, quantum computing, using a piece of the sun for energy on earth, and lastly, how to fund foundational research. Sebastian Hellensleb…
“Maybe America has hit rock bottom and the current travails will induce a return to limited government. Until then, though, I suggest that you remove the rocks from your own garden, and plant yourself some Liberty this spring, summer, and fall.” ~ Robert E. Wright
What is surprising about the Russian aggression toward Ukraine? Is it possible Putin didn’t have contingency plans for partial or total failure? Russian doctrine of power and success Did the Russian intelligence community really get it wrong or did they try to please Putin with their assessment? The problem of cognitive dissonance What will be the …
“Soprano is no role model for classic liberals because he made a living by extracting economics rents by fraud and force. But he reminds Americans that they are individual human beings first, Americans second, and who really cares about the rest?” ~ Robert E. Wright
In Here to Stay, Geetika Rudra, a second-generation Indian immigrant and American history buff, takes readers on a journey across the country to unearth the little-known histories of earlier generations of South Asian Americans. She visits storied sites such as Oregons Hindoo Alley, home to many lumber workers at the turn of the century, and Angel …
“The problem in the South following emancipation wasn’t that blacks were unable to navigate a private property-based, market-oriented economy; but it was segregation, especially of the public schools, and Jim Crow laws in general.” ~ Clifford F. Thies
“The American public understands inflation and policymakers have a reasonable degree of control over it. When choosing a policy rule, we need humility first and foremost. Let’s stop asking the Fed for more than it can deliver.” ~ Alexander William Salter
“Vaping is shrouded in misinformation and more and more governments and regulatory agencies around the world are bringing the hammer down on vaping. It is doing immeasurable damage to public health and our most basic liberties.” ~ Jason Reed
“A spirit of tolerance is missing today that must be restored. Scientists and public officials will make mistakes—just ask Al Gore—but purging ideas from the public square is a sign of a dogmatic society, not a scientific one.” ~ Jon Miltimore
“From government bans to customers pouring it in gutters by the gallon, Americans are saying ‘nyet’ to Russian vodka, expressing their anger over the Kremlin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.” ~ J. Mark Powell
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