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In Acts 23-12-35, Luke records the Jewish plot to have Paul killed and the Lord's sovereign providence in foiling the conspiracy and ensuring Paul's safe passage to Rome, teaching us that in all circumstances believers are under God's all powerful protection and care.Jeff Oliver による
THE AUTHORITY OF SCRIPTURE -I--- All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. -2 Tim 3-16a----1. INTRODUCTION ---2. ANALYSIS--a. Noun - 'Scripture'.--b. Adjectives - 'All', 'Inspiration'.-i. Where did Scripture come from- 2 Pet 1-21--ii. How much of Scripture is inspired---iii. What about the 27 books of the NT--- Authority of the apostles. 1 Cor …
9-30am Teaching Hour- Here we see the apostle Paul clearly distinguish the antithesis between Law and Gospel, discuss the promises of Abraham and how circumcision relates to that as a sign and seal of his faith, and then he concludes by setting forth Abraham as a model of genuine faith.Nathan White による
Having last looked at Christ's -splanchna- compassion in Matt 9-35-38, we turned to Philemon to be reminded of the same compassion and heart we are meant to have for one another in the local church, as we are called to and have the privilege of Experiencing Christ Together.--Philemon 1-7-I. The Picture of the Church -vv1-3--II. The Prayer of the Ch…
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