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Garbled Twistory is a podcast that’s primary objective is to humanize history, through humorizing history. It re-tells history in a way that places special emphasis on the most unusual elements and indiscriminately injects F.U.N by the bucketload! The first season’s focus is US History: as told by all of its presidential elections and all of its presidential election candidates! There will be biographical episodes for every presidential candidate, episodes for every election, and episodes fo ...
Enjoy sessions from past events like Code Media and the renowned Code Conference, along with other interviews hosted by Recode journalists. Featured episodes include candid conversations with comedian Chelsea Handler, entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is unprecedented. The nomination process and ongoing campaigns revealed the complexities of identity and its role in uniting and dividing the country. This course explores how issues of race, class, gender have shaped the candidates, campaigns, and our society. Our analysis spans the presidential race from the announcements of more than ten presidential hopefuls to the current competition.
In the fastest growing 2020 candidate podcast in the world, Paul Duddridge interviews as many of the candidates seeking office as possible. Senate, Congress and of course Presidential. As a foreign-born US citizen, he is not eligible to run for the Presidency, but he can talk to everyone who has exercised their right to run for the highest offices in the land.
Maureen co-hosted the radio show “Protect Your Assets” with David Hollander broadcasting throughout the entire Bay Area and Oregon on KNBR 680 “The Sports Leader” in San Francisco, CA. Maureen shared her extensive knowledge of the sell-side of the business, while working alongside Mr. Hollander at Liberty Group, LLC, prior to that she held the position of Chief Operating Officer for The Channel Checkers a research firm based in San Francisco specialized in providing comprehensive research to ...
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The final presidential potential that occupies the 1836 space is a man who has carefully calculated every single political move up to this point. And this time around, it sure looks like these machinations will bear the biggest of fruits! This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 27:04 mark! Become a Patron!…
The second-to-last prezzy wezzy candidate that we're looking at for 1836 has a story so riddled with casual violence and plunder that the 1800s elites are starting to treat this man like a world wonder. Become a Patron!
The presidential candidate for 1836 that we're looking at today has a very um, familiar story... He practices very um, familiar politics. And yet, he switched political parties because, well, he's petty like that. Things are getting real weird. Become a Patron!
The first prezzy wezzy candidate for 1836 seems to be a little wet behind the ears when it comes to years as a US Senator. Like he literally just got here! Nonetheless, I see no harm and seeing what the man's got, even if it's not much. Become a Patron!
This next VP candidate for 1836 is indeed the son of a man we have spoken of before. And yes, Connecticut politicians seem to have been out of fashion for the last decade and a half. But he's here, so we gotta give him a shout-out. Become a Patron!
The next VP candidate for this 1836 election is so aggressively from Virginia that even Nancy Drew Jackson is going to have his share of problems with the man. Indeed, we have a power-playing power-player on our hands! Become a Patron!
We are back to our regularly scheduled election biography programming for 1836, and as we begin to look at the roster, I think I need to strongly urge the 1800s electors to please stop protest voting for vice presidential candidates that don't even know they're getting votes and might as well be retired. *sigh* This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW IN…
In this first episode of the in-between-election-stream, we're introduced to a truly odd and bewildering instance of crime and punishment that comes out of nowhere! A short, true story proving definitely that in New Jersey, one must tread lightly. Become a Patron!
Here we are, checking in on our FINAL Prezzy Wezzy candidate for the 1832 US Election. And as usual, the angry man who suddenly descended from an unknown place in the mountains is causing a ruckus wherever he goes! This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 39:35 mark! Become a Patron!
This next Prezzy Wezzy Potential for 1832 is a man who only wanted ONE THING. And then he never got it. And then he worked hard for other things. And he never got them. Whatever happened to being a doctor, John? Become a Patron!
The final VP candidate for 1832 is perhaps the most terrifying to be reckoned with on the political stage right now. Why, because he wants to literally tear the country apart and he knows exactly how to do it. If you wanted a House of Cards story, you're in luck... This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 12:15 mark! Become a Patron!…
In this episode of Garbled Twistory, we're getting back to the business of elections for 1832 and as usual, we start with a mostly unremarkable man who thinks he can be a good vice-principal for one reason and one reason only! Become a Patron!
In the final in-between-election episode of this series, we're checking in on the whole slavery situation because something crazy just happened in the Hamptons that's gonna change EVERYTHING about the enslavement discourse! Become a Patron!
For the second in-between-election episode of this series, I have a real treat! It's a super-duper collaboration special with the incomparable Moxie LaBouche! History is indeed being made. Be sure to check out Your Brain on Facts, the podcast about all the things you didn’t know, thought you knew, and never knew you never knew! Become a Patron!…
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