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This podcast features the weekly messages at Parkside Church in Fishers, IN. Tune in each week for uplifting messages that will build your faith and deepen your understanding of God's Word. We are passionate about helping people find hope and healing. And guiding them to discover their God-given purpose and help them live it out!
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The 20th chapter of John’s gospel presents us with two different people who both need the same thing, hope. The need a reason to hope and believe and Jesus gives it to them. Biblical hope is certain and thick, it’s the equivalent to a promise or a...Matt McAlvey による
Jesus died because we are not good enough. In fact, even our goodness can be quite twisted. That is why we need Jesus as our substitute there upon that blood-stained tree. He was condemned that we might be pardoned. He was abandoned that we might be...Matt McAlvey による
Here in Acts 25 we overhear a conversation between Governor Festus and King Agrippa as they discuss the legal case against Paul. In it, these two non-believing dignitaries conclude that the essence of Christianity boils down to, “A certain Jesus, who...Matt McAlvey による
In this dramatic mini-episode of Acts, the name of God is absent from the story but the hidden hand of God is at work in it all. The promise of being taken safely to Rome, in verse 11, is fulfilled in an ongoing way through the means of a little boy...Matt McAlvey による
Join Pastor Clint in Exodus, Chad Raible and team in song and Miss Ali for a Children’s Ministry update! LINKS FROM TODAY’S SERVICE Need help during COVID-19? Give online to Parkside Get email updates from Parkside Like us on Facebook FOR KIDS Parents! We have a new way of delivering our weekly curriculum. It arrives early every Sunday morning to y…
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