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Saludos Mundo

Saludos Mundo

Berta & Muga

Welcome to Saludos Mundo. In this podcast, we introduce news from all over the world and discuss them mostly in English. Sometimes we might use Japanese and Spanish as well because they're our mother tongues. We hope that this podcast helps you learn English :) Saludos Mundo へようこそ! このポッドキャストではパーソナリティのふたりが(だいたい)英語で世界中のニュースを紹介します.たまに母国語の日本語とスペイン語が出てきてしまうことがありますが.皆さんが英語を学ぶのに役にたてるようにがんばります!
DX情報番組01の内容・レジュメ -スペイン海外向け放送局の放送スケジュール。3月26日よりサマータイム実施のため変更された。 -アルゼンチン南部のチュブット州のパセオ・デ・インディオス村で周波数1070KHz、出力25キロワットのAM放送局が開局となりました。 -スウェーデンの学生グループが救急車が街中を通る際、近くを走っている車両のオーディオ・ステレオに“緊急車両通行、注意 道を開けてください”というアラート・メッセージを送る EVAMと呼ばれるシステムを開発し 現在ストックホルムで2ヶ月にわたりテスト中。 -アンデス山脈コミュニティーのメンバーであるボリビア、人口衛星SES-10号が提供する通信サービス利用可能となる。 編成担当 アルナルド・スラーエン キャスター 植田敬子
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Why the finalists are only women with fair skin? In this episode we discuss beauty standards not only in India but also around the world and realise the trend has been changing in fashion model and movie industries in terms of skin colour. Do you think there's more variety now?
Japan is the only country where Averngers End Game isn't the best box office in the country. We discuss why this happens and the anime & TV situation in Japan. Which do you prefer to watch, Conan or Avengers? While 'Avengers: Endgame' Dominates Globally, Japan Is All About A New 'Detective Conan' Movie…
What can kids do for climate change? In this episode, we introduce what kids around the world did to protest against climate change. We also talk about Greta Thunberg who is a 16 year-old environent activist and the source of inspiration for these kids. We'd like you to watch these amazing speeches and share their voices with as many people as poss…
Is make-up always necessary on airplanes? In this episode, we talk about an airline company that announched a new guildline for female cabin crews. What would you think if a female cabin crew without make-up is wearing trousers on your flight?
Do you know what day 8 March is? In this episode, we talk about a world-wide event held on this day, which is international women's day. In the end, we discuss gender imbalance situations in Spain and Japan as examples. As the first step to change, let's be aware that there's still much of gender imbalance in our societies.…
This is our first episode talking about vegan! We're happy to introduce this news that 7 major UK rail companies offer vegan food onboard. In case you don't know vegan yet, please please google it!!
For the first time we introduce two news in one episode! The first news is about a surgey for a South African musician and we're surprised how the surgey was conducted. We talk about a big strategy of an IT giant for the second news. Let's see when it happens!…
In this episode we talk about a lesbian couple who try to raise awareness of the fact they can't marry in Japan. We really hope that they would get much attention particularly from Japanese people!! Please let us know what you think of them.
-スペイン海外向け放送局の放送スケジュール。3月26日よりサマータイム実施のため変更された。 -アルゼンチン南部のチュブット州のパセオ・デ・インディオス村で周波数1070KHz、出力25キロワットのAM放送局が開局となりました。 -スウェーデンの学生グループが救急車が街中を通る際、近くを走っている車両のオーディオ・ステレオに“緊急車両通行、注意 道を開けてください”というアラート・メッセージを送る EVAMと呼ばれるシステムを開発し 現在ストックホルムで2ヶ月にわたりテスト中。 -アンデス山脈コミュニティーのメンバーであるボリビア、人口衛星SES-10号が提供する通信サービス利用可能となる。 編成担当 アルナルド・スラーエン キャスター 植田敬子…
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