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Roger Mifflin is the somewhat eccentric proprietor of The Haunted Bookshop, a second-hand bookstore in Brooklyn that is “haunted by the ghosts of all great literature.” Beginning with the arrival of a young advertising man and the mysterious disappearance of a certain volume from the shelves of the bookshop, a lively and often humorous tale of intrigue unfolds, generously sprinkled with liberal doses of Roger’s unique philosophy on literature and book selling.
Mince Pie is a compilation of humorous sketches, poetry, and essays written by Christopher Morley. Morley sets the tone in the preface: "If one asks what excuse there can be for prolonging the existence of these trifles, my answer is that there is no excuse. But a copy on the bedside shelf may possibly pave the way to easy slumber. Only a mind "debauched by learning" (in Doctor Johnson's phrase) will scrutinize them too anxiously." (Summary from preface and by lubee930)
Morley Physiotherapy Centre has been successfully treating patients for the past 38 years. Our passion is seeing our clients overcome the limitations of pain and injury, and seeing them move well and live well again. In the Morley Physiotherapy Centre Podcast, we share our passion and wisdom with you straight from the source: Principal physiotherapists Tony and Ana Pullella. Join us as we explore what’s causing pain or injury in people’s lives, and share how to recover or avoid it so that yo ...
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Sitting and standing debates in the workplace have been going on for years - but which is better? Listen now or read on to understand the real cause for back pain in the workplace and how to prevent and treat it as it occurs.Morley Physiotherapy Centre による
Neck soreness from hours spent looking down at phones, tablets or other screens is an increasingly common problem. Find out how to avoid it, whether you’ve got it, and how to treat it (or help your kids treat it), should symptoms arise.Morley Physiotherapy Centre による
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