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The issue is fixed now, but, for a period of months, PayPal was blocking the sales of all of our tardigrade items from being purchased. In this episode, we're joined by Tim Ellis from GeekWire and Dispatches from the Multiverse to talk about how an arms dealer caused a tardigrade tragedy.David Wahl による
We're joined by Seattle Broadcasting Legend Pat Cashman to talk about his new podcast, the team behind Almost Live!, and his time as a horror movie hose in Boise. Listen to Pat's podcast, Almost Live! Still Alive here. Find Archie McPhee products here.David Wahl による
David, Shana, and Heff return to the podcast with new products. Hear about how many legs a tardigrade has, how to replace a smile, and how roaches will evolve in the distant future. Find the products discussed here!David Wahl による
We're working from home! The audio the quality is a little off on this one, but what can you do? We talk about what we're up to, what pop culture we're enjoying, and Shana learning to play the penny-whistle. Archie McPheeDavid Wahl による
In this episode, we talk about the loopholes various spooky, supernatural things have and which bathroom theme we would pick. We also mention a couple of new Archie McPhee products, including the Pagan Breakfast God Mask. Features the premiere of the vampire parsnip. Archie McPheeDavid Wahl による
David, Shana, and Heff take a look back at some of the high points of 2019. We also say goodbye to the great Allee Willis, talk about being a clue on Jeopardy, and the mysterious package of five centaur paintings that arrived before Christmas.David Wahl による
Even if you don't know who Rusty Blazenhoff by name, we can almost guarantee you've read something she's written or enjoyed something obscure that she discovered. From Boing Boing to her own "inbox zine" Electric Dreams, she's made a huge impact on popular culture.David Wahl による
We let Arlo, son of Alastair, and Cash, the son of Scott Heff, take over the podcast and tell us what they learned during a day at [Archie McPhee](We let Arlo, son of Alastair, and Cash, the son of Scott Heff, take over the podcast and tell us what they learned during a day at Archie McPhee... )...Archie McPhee による
Mark Pahlow joins us for a discussion of the times that Archie McPhee has been in trouble. From shredded money to a disgruntled Beatle, we've had problems with everyone! By the way, we apologize in advance to St. Paul.Archie McPhee による
David, Shana, and Heff talk about ideas that seemed good at the time, but for one reason or another Archie McPhee didn't do. An office salt lick, safety poster coloring book, and a David Sedaris action figure. This week's episode is brought to you by Bigfoot.Archie McPhee による
In this episode, we lift the curtain a bit and tell you which Archie McPhee products are not our favorites. We talk about toilet seat covers, the uncanny valley of flavors, Shana's devil costume and the fact that Heff has never eaten bologna.Archie McPhee による
We went to Twitter and asked for some random words to spur our creativity. Then we took those words and made up Archie McPhee products. It's not our whole creative team, only half of it, but David, Heff, and Shana try and give a peek into what our creative meetings are like. Check out Archie McPheeArchie McPhee による
Shana, David, and Heff go through Archie McPhee catalog 62 from 1999. Discuss how much communication we had to do about the internet, why you don't need to write what something is on a picture of that thing and jasmine-scented Angel Snot. Go to the Archie McPhee blog to follow along in the catalog.Archie McPhee による
Our first episode of 2019 gets back into the swing of things by recapping some of the happenings of the holiday season, discussing the superfan box, and bragging about Keenan Thompson trying Clamdy Canes on New Year's Eve. (He did not care for them.) Find out more about Archie McPhee here!Archie McPhee による
The creator and owner of Archie McPhee, Mark Pahlow, joins us again to talk about putting together the first Archie McPhee Catalog. If you'd like to follow along, you can find a link to the catalog in the Archie McPhee blog.Archie McPhee による
We talk about our new Superfan Subscription, so if you want it. Order fast! There are only ten and they'll sell out. Plus, the Tonight Show, Geekwire, Seth Godin, and werewolf swatters. For more info check out our website!Archie McPhee による
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