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Ken Johnson FocusUp Podcast

Ken Johnson FocusUp

Leadership Forged and Battle Ready. I help entrepreneur’s and New managers become more Focused leaders with a no-Bs approach. It’s time to FocusUp and keep forging your own path. You owe it to yourself to recognize your gifts, your power, and your place in this World as a leader, NO matter your story or struggle. Whatever challenges you face leadership is the solution. Learn. Lead. Win. LEAD, WIN LET's GET STARTED KEN JOHNSON FOCUSUP
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Home Pricing Trends explores complicated real estate data in simple terms. We review the latest housing market developments, not only nationally, but in your neighborhood, and help you decide if now's the time to buy, sell or rent. The show is hosted by Florida Atlantic University professor, associate dean, and real estate expert, Ken H. Johnson, Ph.D. Follow Dr. Johnson on Twitter at @FAUhousingEcon.
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