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In this special episode of the Grindhouse Sleaze, and since the guys are away this week, they decided to share episode number one, released August 28, 2018. Alan and Dave talk about one of their favorite filmmaker, Kevin Smith, and jump headfirst into his now-classic Hammer Horror Flick, Tusk!
This week, Alan and Dave pick up exactly where they left off as the two continue to compare and contrast the original Halloween and Halloween 2 against Rob Zombie's thirty year anniversary remakes. They guys analyze the films as if they we Doctor Loomis analyzing a young Michael Myers!
After missing last week, Alan and Dave return to compare and contrast a few movies in the Halloween franchise. First is the original, John Carpenter's Halloween, followed by the 1981 sequel Halloween 2 by Rick Rosenthal. Once they finish with their dissection, they tackle Rob Zombie's 2008 and 2009 remake of Halloween and Halloween 2. Finally, they…
This week Alan and Dave get away from the Zombie talk, and shift gets as they talk a serious look at Friday the 13th from 1980, Friday the 13th Part 2, and Friday the 13th the remake from 2009. They meticulously go through each movie and then, in the end, do a compare and contrast all three films!
With George Ramero and Rob Zombie behind them, Alan and Dave decide to cover the another great Zombie icon, in the form of John A. Russo's Return of the Living Dead. They dig deep into the many layer of the movie and pull away at the content like a zombie dissecting a body at meal time!
This week Alan and Dave tackle Rob Zombie's first feature film of his 2000 release of House of a 1000 Corpses. They talk about the Firefly family and pick apart the flick, with solid comparisons to other seventies horror cinema. At the same time, Dave has audio issues until the fifteen-minute mark. But, unlike the victims in this film, they survive…
Inspired by Robert Englund's birthday, Alan and Dave talk about the black sheep of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Part 2: Freddy's Revenge. First, they get into their thoughts about the movie and how they feel about the flick and then dissect it while digging up unknown information to back up their insights.…
The Issue #97 Review is here! Featuring the audio experience, Abducted. Abducted credits: Story by: Dawn Debraal Directed by : Joe M Sparks CAST: Narrator and other minor characters: Joe M Sparks Lee : Tom Islavkrevzel Breana: Jenna Alien Mother: Rebecca Flores The Doctor: Stephanie J Bardy Real Mother : Deborah Payne Officer: Jon Brattin Music: Co…
This time around, Dave and Alan chat about Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead with Dave Batista as they theorize the plot and speculate about the rumors they hear about the flick. The two dissect this movie like a zombie going through their victim!
Welcome to the Grindhouse Sleaze Podcast! Instead of rebooting the numbering, we decided to continue on with episode three. This week Russo and Dave meet up to talk about a less known George A. Romero film about a man and his monkey, called Monkey Shines.
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