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Did you know Utah was one of the first in the nation to grant women the right to vote? Utah has been a leader in women's suffrage since the beginning, and who better to tell us about that than the youngest women to ever serve in the Utah House of Representatives, Candice Pierucci.
Having trouble affording a house in Utah? So are many others. This week we are discussing two pieces of legislation that are aimed at tackling the problem. If these bills pass, we may see an increase in supply and a decrease in the cost to build a home in Utah. Listen now to find out the details!
Utah's economic growth has been incredible these last few decades, but that growth and economic strength are far from reaching their peak. Representative Hawkes joins us on the show this week to talk about more ways that Utah is staging itself to be the country's economic leader.
Every week for the duration of the session, we will hear from a few lawmakers about their priority legislation. This week, we will hear from Representative Cory Maloy about driver's license suspensions and Representative Walt Brooks about constitutional concealed carry. Listen to this week's episode to learn more!…
This year, the legislative session will look a little different for all of us, but the changes that have been implemented to keep everyone safe during the pandemic also increase public access to legislative proceedings. Listen to this week's episode to learn how you can get involved!
As we welcome you back from the holidays, we remember the life of Representative Luwanna Shurtliff, who was well-loved by family, friends, her community, and the members of the Utah House of Representatives. She will be missed dearly. With the 2021 General Session just over a week away, preparations to keep the legislature a safe environment during…
Teachers in the state of Utah do so much, and this year, due to challenges caused by COVID-19, our teachers are asked to do even more. The Utah House of Representatives, along with other state offices and partners, is collecting supplies and donations for three title-one schools in the Ogden School District, to alleviate some of their needs. To don…
The Department of Workforce Services has been working overtime to help Utahns get through the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, Nate McDonald joins us to discuss these benefits and what DWS is doing to ensure every Utahn has the resources they need to make it through these challenging times.
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