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Tyrese Gibson, actor and multiplatinum R&B singer, and Rev Run, a founding member of pioneering hip-hop group Run-DMC, talk about their new book, "Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed." This unlikely twosome teamed up to present a bold, honest, and uncensored look into the male mind and offer real guidance on how to build healthy relationships. Join us for a moderated discussion as they stop by to talk about their collaborative process and give a short reading.
Women are NOT robots, designed to go at full speed all the time and to overlook our desires and our deep need for pleasure, self-care, and the freedom to be who we are. And it’s time to talk about that. About the vital experience of re-aligning with your own sacred rhythm. In this series Melanie will be sharing intimate conversations with women who happen to be amazing clients, and who have experienced first-hand what it’s like to be out of sync and, with support, to come back into alignment ...
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The Honest Authors talk finding fresh ideas, giving readers what they want and writing through these weird times with fascinating and funny veteran writers, Jane Fallon and Lindsey Kelk. PLUS some quick fire listener questions.Honest Authors による
Are creatives more prone to anxiety and stress? Does extensive phone use get in the way of writing and thinking? How can authors cope better with the weirdness of being in the public eye? The Honest Authors discuss this and more with Psychotherapist and author Hilda Burke.Honest Authors による
In the season three finale episode, the authors talk honestly about life changes, career changes, representation changes and why it's so very hard to talk about money. Featuring an interview with the brilliant Caroline Hulse.Honest Authors による
Helen Cullen, author of The Lost Letters of Willam Woolf, talks to the Honest Authors about her publication journey, giving up the London rat race to decamp to rural Ireland and her writing process. Plus there's the usual bad reviews and lots of laughing.Honest Authors による
In our most honest episode yet we discuss crises of confidence, abandoning projects and the etiquette of book blurbs. PLUS a really interesting interview with brilliant bestseller Fiona Cummins, author of Rattle and The Collector. A little sidenote: the sound quality in the beginning was a little iffy so please bear with us!…
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