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Your weekly dose of wisdom about living a grace-filled life in relationship with Jesus Christ. Uplifting messages from the Bible, brought to you by the team at GraceLife Church in Perth, Western Australia. Visit for more information.
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Do you ever struggle with doubt about your faith in Jesus. Is heaven real? Is all this Jesus stuff legit? Is the promise of eternity w/God worthy of the sacrifices necessary for us to be a true disciple of Jesus? What if there was a way we could be reassured, even in moments of doubt, that our Jesus is reliable? What if that assurance is tied to re…
#16 in our series on 1 Peter: Preparing for future trouble is particularly important for many people. What about apocalyptic predictions or theories? Are you the person who takes them seriously? -What about biblical warnings like the “end of all things”? Should we take them seriously, or leave them for tomorrow? When it comes to preparation it’s im…
In this weeks sermon from 1 Peter 3:18-22, we learn about demons, the cross, Noah & the Ark, and how all of that together provides a beautiful picture of being immersed in the transformational promise God has made to redeem us. There's alot here this week, so grab a snack and settle in!Joe Davis による
Have you ever been so passionate about something it drives you to fight for what you believe is right? Is that always the right thing to do? Are there times we should chose peace over conflict, even if we are 100% on the "right" side? We study that concept in this week's sermon from 1 PeterJoe Davis による
Have you ever heard someone say, “I am blessed”? or “Life is good” What do they mean when they say that? Maybe it’s a job you love, financial security, a material goal like your dream car, dream house… That’s good stuff, right? In this week's sermon from 1 Peter we learn how Peter defined blessed, how to live a life "full of good days"…
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