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October Tracklist 1) Nicolò Bonelli, Jezen - Style Of Your Own (Woodlands) 2) Unknown - B1 DG (Sanguina Records) 3) Blair Suarez - Jus Wanna Know (Ben Sterling Remix) (Deeperfect Records) 4) Duke Dumont 'Alter Ego' ft. Channel Tres -Endor Extended Remix)(Club Blasé Astralwerks) 5) Kevin Knapp - Footprints (Toman Remix) (Cuttin' Headz) 6) Rich NxT -…
Tyson Fury won in an exciting fight last night. He could go down as the greatest heavyweight of all time. Is Fury that good, though? Or is he a giant who wins fights? I mean, is his boxing on par with Ali or Mike Tyson? What do you think? による
Jonathan Pritchard is coming back on the show today to talk about his new workshop. If you are a podcaster or make regular appearances on them, this is for you. Send a super chat question, and I'll make sure to get it answered. による
I had an action-packed weekend. Went to a festival with the boys on Friday, had a seminar, and went to the Bellator event on Saturday. Taught a private lesson today, and now I'm preaching to yall. I'll give you the details during the stream. による
Join me in a talk about last night's fights. Will the circus continue? We keep watching though. Is this one of the signs the west is in decline? Or are people just having fun? We will also talk about what the future might hold regarding our freedom. JonFitch.netjonfitchknowsnothing による
1) Easttown - Conexion (elrow Limited) 2) Cristhian Balcazar - Out There (Hottrax) 3) Alex Celler, Mok Da Mush, Original, Area Remote, Electronic - Mok Da Mush (Area Remote) 4) Inland Knights - Long Time (Robsoul) 5) Steve Robinson (UK) - Bug Jazz (Robsoul Recordings) 6) Latmun & Wheats - Onset - (Solid Grooves Raw) 7) Withoutwork - Space Lift (Str…
Charlie for Cultivate Crypto will be here to answer all your crypto questions. Charlie's Crypto Mindset course is now available. If you have been looking to get into crypto, now is your time. による
I'm going to post a guest link in the chat for anyone to come on the show to ask me about fitness, self-defense, dating, and any red-pills inquiries they might have. Make sure you have a good wifi connection before coming on. による
Ed is an author, twitter master, and former pro heavyweight boxer. We are going to be talking about the importance of knowing how to fight and the differences between boxing and MMA promotion. Twitter guide: Fitch stuff: による
Tracklist Prok I Fitch- Snake With Legs (Do Not Sleep) Ramin Rezaie - Focus (White) Proudly People- Latitude Zero (Futura) Marco Tropeano- Lie Machine- (Contact Music Group) Joseph Edmund- Everyday Press (Kaluki Music) Latmun- Fear (White) Antss- Stop (Solid Grooves Raw) Prok | Fitch - Be Out Your Mind (Circus Recordings) Mr.Diamond- London Bass (H…
Going to be talking to Troy Francis today. Troy is a dating coach that lives in England. He has a new course available that teaches men how to talk to women without being a creep. Here is a link to the course. による
1. Alvaro Am- Bloo- (Revival New York) 2. Gruuve- Please Don’t Stop (MÜSE ) 3. Rendher- Flavor (Solid Grooves) 4. Jamie Firleding- Take 20 To Tanngo (White) 5. Roberto Pagliccia - Out of Tune- Prok | Fitch Remix (Lapsus Music) 6. Ramin Rezaie - Focus (White) 7. Franky Rizardo - Bliss (LTF Records) 8. Wheats- Take Me Where (White) 9. Classmatic & Ga…
I've been watching a lot of Kevin Samuels and the FreshandFit shows on youtube. Seems like women today really don't know what high-value men are looking for. I may have a guest stop in to discuss. による
HIIT (high, intensity, interval, training) is a tried and true way to get yourself combat-ready. The science is out and regular people can benefit from the workload too. Better results in a shorter time. による
No one has ever done anything great without great coaches. People aren't born great, then become great. Jordan had a coach, Brady had a coach, Jesus had a coach, and I've had some great coaches. We are going to talk about things to look for when seeking out a coach. による
Some slimeball lawyers are trying to finesse fighters around the class-action anti-trust case. The fighters have recently been granted class status in the suit so now all the ambulance-chasing lawyers are starting to position themselves to profit off other people's work. All while stealing money from fighters. Cung Le will be joining me tonight to …
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