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Thursday Night FIFA Podcast ini merupakan podcast yang akan membicarakan mengenai game EA Sports FIFA yang sudah tidak asing lagi di mata orang Indonesia. Dimulai dari membahas fitur dan berita terbaru di dalam game, pengetahuan mengenai FIFA Ultimate Team, hingga bagaimana EA Sports FIFA di Indonesia dan di kancah Internasional. Podcast ini diulas oleh saya sendiri, Nabyl Chataby, seorang pemain sekaligus fans berat game EA Sports FIFA selama 8 tahun terakhir.Twitter: @NabylAbyGnRIG: @nabyl ...
FIFA Talk with Hathi will be a podcast that will primarily focus on post-match analysis for the FIFA Russia 2018 World cup. FIFA talks with Hathi podcast is produced every day. If you like the podcast, You can also follow me on Instagram- @hathi.talks Twitter- Facebook- Album Art created by Param Popat. Follow him on Instagram-
Vapex discusses all things FIFA 21 in this Podcast. Covering the latest news and game updates, controversial topics and more, this podcast is for FIFA fans. Vapex also has a FIFA YouTube channel called "Vapex Karma". Many topics will be taken from my YouTube Channel (Vapex Karma) so if you want video versions of this podcast, check out the YouTube channel as well.
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This week, Ben and John recap the events of FUT's Black Friday promo. The guys are pleased with many of the cards in the Signature Signings team, a few of the objective and SBC cards look good, Flashback Benzema might be a must complete, and squad updates.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
This week, Ben is joined by a returning Simon and Andrew from the Fut Fix podcast to warn all comers to stay away from certain Icon SBC's. The guys give updates on their progressing squads and wonder what they will add next. Andrew and Simon disagree over a certain objective, but will one of them see the light?…
In this episode, we talk about some the bigger stories happening off the field in football today. The first part of the pod is devoted to the ongoing scandal surrounding allegations of abused levied against former North Carolina Courage coach Paul Riley, and in the second part of the pod we discuss the Saudi Public Investment Fund’s purchase of New…
This week, Ben and John are joined by Hunter from the Fut Ballerz Podcast to talk about finding the right players for your squads, building out from starter squads, which SBC's are worth the price, and how this market is either a blessing or a curse.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
Ben, John, and Simon return to talk about the beginning of their adventures with FIFA 22. Simon gets his starter squad going. John is taking the slow approach of adjusting to gameplay. Ben discusses his plans for the cycle. This episode is the end of an era and the beginning of a new age.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
This week, Ben, John, and Simon chat about how FIFA 22 will "improve" attacking. The guys look at skill moves, shooting, passing, and tactics associated with attacking. John is pleased with some news, Simon is excited for some of the news, Ben still has reservations about FIFA 22.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
This week, Ben, John, and Simon chat about the recent pitch notes discussing some of the new features coming to FIFA 22. Ben isn't all that thrilled about some of the additions, Simon is pumped up about some of the new things coming, and John is skeptical about some of the reveals.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
John and Ben welcome back Simon to the show. The guys are amazed at the Euro's and Copa and how it may or may not spark more interest in playing FIFA. Where does Path to Glory rank among the promos throughout the FIFA cycle? Somebody is already feeling the FIFA22 itch, will that itch be scratched? Simon makes a major addition to his squad, John fee…
John, Simon, and Ben are on the hunt for fun in FIFA and wonder if they found it in the Path to Glory cards. They also discuss the recent flurry of player SBC's, completing Icons, the amazing nation triple player SBC, and Xavi and Garrincha SBC's.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
John, Simon, and Ben return to give their final report card on TOTS. John and Simon discuss some of the recent cards they've tried out. The guys reveal some of the colossal mistakes they've made recently. John shares important thoughts about the Libertadores cards.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
Ben and Simon feel like EA has gone overboard with the content, delivering too much in too short a period of time. Bundesliga TOTS should just be renamed Bayern Munich TOTS. Icon SBC's that are good value. Icon Swaps guidance. Super Mario theme.Fut Fanatic Podcast による
In today's episode of the FIFA News show we talk about the latest FIFA 22 news, leaks and rumours + we unpack the recent EA Earnings Call. Vincent Nan: & FIFA Infinity:
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