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Carnegie Corporation of New York

dif·fu·sion: the spreading of something more widely Diffusion is the podcast of Carnegie Corporation of New York, the first grantmaking foundation in the United States established by Andrew Carnegie in 1911. Our mission? To promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding around issues of peace, education and democracy. Hosted by Michael Moran, Visiting Media Fellow, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Sarwar Kashmeri, Professor at Norwich University, and Gail Ablow, Visiti ...
Le podcast Agenda PR, propose une série de 10 épisodes de podcasts qui traitent de sujets clés de l’industrie des communications. Convivial et pertinent, le podcast a pour mission de former, et d’informer les #PRpeople sur les pratiques gagnantes et les nouvelles tendances de l’industrie ! La langue de bois? Les messages clés appris par cœur? Les embargos? On ne connaît pas!
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Ingenuity flies on Mars by Ian Woolf, Dr John Froude talks about how plagues have shaped human evolution - part 2, Presented and produced by Ian Woolf Support Diffusion by making a contribution Support Diffusion by buying through affiliate links Plagued - part 1 revisitedhttps://www.diffusionradio.com/2021/12/plagued_part_1_revisited.htmlhttps://ww…
Sarcasm detector invented, Touchable 3-D audio-visual display by Ian Woolf, From 2008: Patrick Rubie looks at the nice and the nasty side of mistletoe. Victoria Bond and Jaime Leclerc quiz you on infectious diseases. Ian Woolf tells a tale of eight-tentacled fury at the Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany, Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf Support …
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