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Climbing Gold

Climbing Gold

Duct Tape Then Beer

Alex Honnold and co-host Fitz Cahall share stories from the people who define the sport of climbing by pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo of the previous generation. As climbing debuts at the Olympics, they explore competition climbing and what the future of the sport could look like. Athletes. Risk takers. Dirtbags. Pioneers. Community builders. Outsiders. Leaders. Olympians.
9 year's of broadcasting the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show from radio to podcast. Shows include fun and entertaining interviews with pro athletes, local crushers, and outdoor enthusiasts along with adventure news, events, gear updates, super solid life advice, Outdoor Jukebox, Weekly Happy, Worth Watching segments and more. Adventure for your ears.
To be a great quarterback, you need to do more than just make throws. You have to be a leader. You have to set the tone for an entire organization. But what does it really take to be great? After a 14-year NFL career and Super Bowl Championship, Trent Dilfer has spent the past decade coaching and mentoring some of the most talented and dynamic young quarterbacks in the country. He's traveled the country watching players and coaches figure out how to be great. This show gives all football fan ...
Market Vitals trading veterans Matt Davio @MissTrade and Robert Heffernan @HFRfromtheFloor bring their 60 plus years of experience trading everything from commodities and stocks to agricultural products and crypto. With an eye towards how popular trends show up in price discovery, they give an honest viewpoint from a profit and risk frame of reference. They also cover current topics from sports to music and many things pop culture inspired. At the end of the day your trading profitability de ...



Rising out of Israel’s hotbed of talent, Maydan is an artist with an impressive story to tell. From bedroom DJ to highly-regarded nightclub resident, the Israeli native has carved out a niche of sizeable proportions as he continues his assault on the global dance scene. Rising to the upper echelons of his country’s ever-expanding music scene from humble origins, a mixer and a pair of turntables saw Maydan climb to the summit of the Tel Aviv dance scene, coupled with a burning passion and an ...
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Were the Olympics more a bust than a boom? If you had $20 million to grow the sport of climbing how would you spend it? Are we at the end of the era where we climb alongside the pros? The Climbing Gold Team takes a look back at the learnings from season 2 and looks into the future of our sport.Duct Tape Then Beer による
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Former NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf, joins the show and tells the story of how he cut his own cast off at school in an effort to get back on the football field, becoming “baby Bledsoe”, and questioning his college decision after the hazing he faced days after moving into college. Ryan opens up about the moment he believes his NFL career ended along w…
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USC legend and longtime NFL QB Mark Sanchez joins the show to talk about transferring high schools, playing for Pete Carroll, and his insane recruiting process, including stories about Notre Dame and Texas, as the first nationally-recognized 5-star QB. He shares the culture shock he felt going from California boy to and playing in New York after be…
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These are the things in the shadows that no one wants to talk about. The open secrets elite athletes carry. The behaviors coaches would prefer not to see. The hard realities fans tend to ignore about the sport playing out in front of them. Today, Kai Lightner and Beth Rodden help us shine a light on disordered eating in climbing.…
Hall of Famer and Trent's close friend Steve Young joins the show and tells the story of his disastrous first start in high school. Young reveals that he didn't know how to throw a football until he got to college and learned by watching Jim McMahon. Young shares tales of memorable recruiting trips, including watching a freshman Dan Marino play aga…
Welcome Back @hfrfromthefloor good to see your mug back on Market Vitals Live. Vaxxed planes $UAL Unvaxxed $AAL pick you poison. World more crazy then ever 6 weeks later. $GS and Clinton foundation coming to the rescue of Evergrande? $3333 What $AAPL $BROSMarket Vitals による
As climbing grows and enters into mainstream consciousness, we’d be naive to think that money won’t play a role. What does it take to “go pro” in climbing? How does the business of climbing evolve so that it doesn't fall into the same pitfalls that plague other sports? We dive into these questions with Rick Burton, a professor at Syracuse Universit…
Hall of Famer and 49ers GM John Lynch shares what it was like to play QB in high school, talks about getting recruited by Lou Holtz at Notre Dame, and explains how playing football made him better at baseball, and how all the sports he played made him a better athlete. Lynch tells stories playing against Elway, Montana, and Brady, how he evaluates …
Where Outdoor Adventure summits the airwaves, this is the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show!! I’m your host, R. Brandon Long, on belay with you for the next 40 minutes. Along for the ride is the BEST co-host in all the land, Todd to the Top!! We’re hanging out inside The Monarch in the HEART of the Nine Rails Arts District! All this and more on Ogden Ou…
Kurt Warner, the only player in NFL history to go from undrafted to Super Bowl MVP, joins Trent to offer his wisdom to the next generation. Warner was never highly recruited, but he knew his preparation would give him a chance at the next level. Warner tells Trent how his preparation led to success when he got his chance as a starter for the Rams, …
Paige Claassen has sent the iconic line Dreamcatcher in Squamish, Canada. She is the first woman to climb this tricky line. We take a look at 'Project Fear' the multi-pitch in the Dolomites and catch up on all the IFSC action from this week's comp in Kranj.
To move a sport forward, you have to take it apart and put it back together again. Today, we talk with two thought leaders in climbing’s next chapter -- routesetters Tondé Katiyo and Adam Pustelnik -- about the craft of creating movement and we introduce a concept every climber should know about.Duct Tape Then Beer による
Warren Moon Moon won five championships in five years in the CFL before being named to nine Pro Bowls in Houston, Minnesota, and Seattle, but he faced a tremendous number of challenges along the way. Moon opens up on the racism he faced at every stage of his journey, and how he dealt with it to find success as an athlete and a man. He also shares h…
Right now, the spotlight shines brightly on the newest generation of competition climbers, but the path they’re following was blazed by those before them. Today, we talk with Alex Johnson, or AJ, who has ridden the highs and lows of professional climbing over the last 20 years. She won her first bouldering national competition at age 12 before goin…
Three-time MVP Brett Favre joins Trent and shares what it was like to play for his dad in high school and wishing he had more options when he was recruited. He explains how he chose the number 4 when he got Southern Mississippi, developing his skills on the scout team, learning to ask for help, and making the most of his chances when they came. Fav…
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew joins Trent to walk him through Minshew's path from dominating high school in Mississippi, to playing JuCo at Northwest Mississippi, to struggling to Eastern Carolina University, to nearly playing for Alabama before ending up as a Heisman candidate at Washington State. Minshew shares how he stayed po…
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