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Centsability is a collaboration of Financial experts, authors, money and wellness coaches and other amazing people all sharing ways you can live your best life, improve your relationship with money and have the life you deserve. The show is about lifestyle with the underlying approach of money management and mindset.
Tim's 2 Cents

Tim's 2 Cents

Tim Pawlicki

Short daily podcast about everything this Chicago-based, newly graduated yuppie finds interesting: nutrition, dating, athletic performance, meeting people, self development, travel, endurance sports, and a whole lot of randomness in between.
Join Nate, Gracie, Ben and the occasional guests as they discuss numerous different, relevant pop culture topics such as popular limited series, movies, video games, music and more! The Gents with Few Cents answer questions such as what could a Last of Us Part III look like as well as provide different perspectives and opinions on covered topics. Follow @GentsWFC on Twitter and Instagram!
R2 Cents

R2 Cents


Hello and welcome to the R2 Cents podcast. Where your host Oscar, along with special guests and other content creators discuss the highs, the lows, and the every day hustle of balancing passion products with a full time job. Sharing insights, opinions and real life experience of the world of content creation. Now, let’s get into today’s episode…
Who Makes Cents?: A History of Capitalism Podcast is a monthly program devoted to bringing you quality, engaging stories that explain how capitalism has changed over time. We interview historians and social and cultural critics about capitalism’s past, highlighting the political and economic changes that have created the present. Each episode gives voice to the people who have shaped capitalism – by making the rules or by breaking them, by creating economic structures or by resisting them.
Perfect Cents Podcast

Perfect Cents Podcast

Alex Becerra, Brit Kelleher

Join hosts Alex Becerra and Brit Kelleher on a journey to wards financial wellness and meaningful community involvement. The Perfect Cents Podcast, presented by SAFE Credit Union is a program designed to empower each listener to take control of their financial situation and become a greater force for good in their community. Episodes will feature recurring segments along with occasional guests from around the Greater Sacramento region. Guests will include SAFE Credit Union colleagues, indust ...
Wham. Bam. Body slam. It’s My 1-2-3 Cents the Podcast. On this show you’ll hear from professional wrestling fan and blogger Kevin Hunsperger. He’s been watching for more than 30 years and offers his take on the business today and how things used to be. Be sure to come back often as Kevin will have guests to help with the analysis of everything from WWE to TNA to Ring of Honor and Chikara, along with interviews from the men and women who call the squared circle their home.
Each episode focusses on a different topic or event relevant within the NBA, NFL, and/or CFP. Topics vary from season previews, to big game/week re-caps. We try to gain a deeper insight on where things stand & why. This includes analysis of the NBA & NFL drafts, trade deadlines, and other noteworthy player movement and team acquisitions. We've been bro's since kindergarten, our adolescence was consumed by playing & talking sports (including Madden, 2K, & NCAA). Lastly, we conveniently share ...
How do you keep up in a marketplace in constant disruption and stay ahead of everchanging trends? Deloitte’s “That Makes Cents” podcast dives into what consumers are thinking, feeling, and buying right now. Host and Deloitte leader Bobby Stephens talks with industry leaders to help you navigate and make sense of the evolving consumer industry.
The Hodges Family has been steeped in the investment management business since the 1960s. From the inception of Hodges Capital by the patriarch, Don Hodges, to the present generation who continues to run the business, the knowledge here is extensive.We will cover many different topics within the vast realm of investing. Some may be more general, some more specific. We tend to keep it playful and tie-in some of our favorite quotes to highlight our points. With each episode we hope our listene ...
If you're an everyday entrepreneur or sales professional, this podcast will speak to you. On this show we give you actionable strategies and tips that will help you increase your bottom line revenue in your business and help you crush your sales goals. All roads in entrepreneurship leads through sales - and having a strong grasp on all that goes on in the B2B sales world, along with the everyday business world is critical. So, if you're a top performer that's interested in entrepreneurship, ...
Dad Cents

Dad Cents

Jason Fuchs

Dad Cents is a show for family men and women. We're all about family, fun, and finance! On this show, you're going to hear unscripted conversations with folks who are committed to succeeding at home, at work, and staying finically healthy. We release a new episode every three weeks on Tuesday.
His audiences know him as THE ”Inflation Guy.” In the inflation markets he is known as a pioneer. He is considered as the Expert to the experts in the world of inflation markets where true expertise is hard to find. In this podcast the Inflation Guy talks about the hidden tax, the insidious assault on your wealth, and how to defend your money. Have a question? Get the Inflation Guy app or email InflationGuy@enduringinvestments.com
Join hedge fund analyst Justin Oh in talking about the BEST ways to invest in stocks and grow your wealth. With simple concepts and coaching, we can all grow our money by investing, become financially independent, and live the dream life we all want and deserve. No BS get-rich-quick strategies here, just sound analysis and coaching.
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You know what you want to do but you recognize where you are in life right now…you’re behind. What should you do? What is the right answer? Tune in as I share the details of that answer and a whole lot more. Check out my YouTube channel here. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.Jeff Rose, CFP® による
21 déc. 1521 : première mention écrite de l'arbre de Noël dans le livre de comptes de Sélestat (Alsace) conservé à la Bibliothèque Humaniste de la ville. Il est question d'une dépense de 4 schillings pour payer des gardes-forestiers des forêts municipales…Claudine Castelnau による
Why do we hold cash? For anticipated needs, precautionary requirements, and sometimes because there are no better alternatives. In this episode, the Inflation Guy suggests that the role of cash in a portfolio is also to serve as an option on future opportunity, and the cost of the option is inflation. This has some interesting implications for asse…
Having great cash-flow for your business is key to success and is EVERY small businesses lifeline. I won't lie, I hate managing my books, but know how critical it is for business. So, I sat down with cash-flow management expert, Ben Bramer with Pinto Financial. Ben gives great insight into the importance of managing your cash-flow and how you can u…
It’s hard to believe that 30 years have passed since the 1992 Royal Rumble. In which Ric Flair was the victor, that match will go down in history as one of the WWE’s greatest Rumble matches. This week, Chad Smart and I break down the match itself, the buildup, and the aftermath. I’d love to know what you think about this show. Please leave a review…
Thinking about selling your business either to family, employees or outsiders in the next few years? Ashish Ashkelar, founder of NearU, discusses how to prepare your business for a sale Podcast Sponsor is Profitability Movement - https://profitability-movement.mn.co Ruth KingTwitter - @RuthKingLinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruthking1/ Podca…
How to combat Debt. Download the WeMoney 2022 year Planner. If you want to budget better or check out your credit score, Download the WeMoney app. It's free! Have you got a question or an idea of a topic for us to cover? Get in touch via our instagram @getwemoney . We love hearing from you! If you enjoy the show, we'd love if you could write a revi…
Rob, Nico and Nick discuss old radio broadcasts, the deaths of Meatloaf and Louie Anderson, getting hit by a car, hot mics, football bets and much more. Chat with the TMT Community on Discord! For More TMT Shenanigans: toomanythoughtsmedia.com Twitter: @TMT_Media, @robrff, @funnynicotweets, @tackyslacks E-mail: toomanythoughtsmedia@gmail.com Subscr…
WARNING! This episode contains profanity and discussions of Rated R Game releases, listener discretion is advised. Join Nate Chase and a surprise cameo from Gracie as they discuss the lackluster year of gaming that was 2021 and their hopes for 2022. Fingers crossed it will be a good one! Sit back and enjoy!!…
During Dec 2021 and Jan 2022, the NHL and NBA players are testing positive for Covid-19 at the highest rate since this all began. Darnell & Joel discuss the impact of vaccine passports on sport at various levels. The conversation addressed the following: The Ontario University Association is not classified as an 'Elite League' Passports at the amat…
Ethan Panner the rockmanethan on all social medias, Binghamton University master student specializing in tectonic geomorphology. check out Ethan Tik Tok as he cracks open rock that have not seen the light of day in millions of years. Ethan Tik Tok https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdrX2PB3/ Linktr.ee https://linktr.ee/ethpen Subscribe YouTube https://www.you…
This is a very important episode for those who are retired or retiring in the near future. Everyone will have various levers to pull to get income in retirement and we’ll walk through those that are the most common. Retirement income planning is nothing more than establishing a budget, and this episode will help you out.…
We’re speaking on Solitude this week! Also: a shocking celebrity breakup leaves us shook, Producer Toshio gives his 2022 predictions, and Krystal has some strange ideas about “cool things.” Patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/twocentsplustaxKrystal Farmer, Caitlin Wood による
Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you break them? Do you wonder if they are even worth the effort? If so, you will want to listen to this episode to hear my thoughts on that! NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: Make An Effort Not To Be Too Hard On Your Yourself https://amzn.to/33KOvqD Make New Year Resolutions: And Keep Them Using NLP! (Inspirational Solution…
In this week’s episode of the Two Cents Podcast, R' Ari and R' Yossi Bensoussan discuss how to define real happiness, why “happily ever after” is not a Jewish concept, how to fail, and avoiding barber shops. This episode is sponsored by Yad L'Achim!Help them continue their life-saving work, rescuing Jewish women and children from Arab villages. Hea…
Join Alex and Brit as they chat with SAFE Credit Union's SVP of Real Estate and Consumer Lending, Tiffani Vargas, to chat about how health is wealth! They discuss how physical, emotional and mental wellness all tie in with financial wellness as well as how to get started on a wellness journey, where to find motivation, how to choose the wellness di…
Indebtedness, like inequality, has become a ubiquitous condition in and beyond the United States. Yet few have probed American cities’ dependence on municipal debt. Focusing on San Francisco, this month's guest, Destin Jenkins, traces the evolving relationship between cities, bondholders, banks, and municipal debt from the Great Depression to the 1…
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