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In this message, Pastor Rachel examines the parable of the 10 virgins found in Matthew 25:1. What is Jesus trying to tell us with this story? Through cultural understanding and biblical insight you will have a deeper understanding of the importance of this parable for the times we are living in.Bethel OKC Inc による
In this teaching, Pastor Grant gives a history of the week leading up to the Jesus taking up the cross. What historical events were adding to the story? What symbolism is prevalent that modern day people may not see? In this teaching he will explore all of that and more.Bethel OKC Inc による
What does the Bible really say about women submitting to their husbands? How is a Godly marriage supposed to look? Can a woman be called to ministry if her husband does not feel called? In this message, Pastor Rachel tackles these hard questions through what the Bible really says.Bethel OKC Inc による
In this teaching, Pastor Rachel explores the original Greek meanings to the scriptures that challenge the role of women in the church. Through this teaching we pray you experience freedom and liberty to become all that God has called you to be, male or female.Bethel OKC Inc による
Continuing our series exploring the American church and how it compares to the church in the Bible, Pastor Rachel takes a look at spiritual authority. What authority has God given to Pastors? What types of leadership are found in the Bible? How is the American church in line and out of line with those principals? All of that and more in this record…
In this message, Rachel Wortman looks at Matthew 5:9 and what we can learn about all the difficulty 2020 has brought us. How do you become a peace maker? What is Jesus doing in your life right now? Join in as she encourages you to be more like God.Bethel OKC Inc による
Guest speaker Brian Starley explores the dichotomy of the sovereign moves of God and our ability to bring the kingdom of heaven into the earth. Is revival something that only God can start and therefore we have no control over? Or are we, as God's children, able to ignite a move of God through our radical obedience? All of that will be explored in …
Continuing our series on the book of Revelation, Pastor Rachel explores what the Bible actually says about the anti-christ, the mark of the beast, and what God is really saying to us about the coming days. In this victorious perspective you will be inspired to partner with God to advance His Kingdom.…
In this message, Rachel Wortman teaches on the challenges to living from heaven's perspective on the earth. How do you live as if there is no separation between you and God? How do you pull down the atmosphere of heaven into your daily life? All of that and more in this message.Bethel OKC Inc による
In this message, Rachel Wortman shares the practicals of tithing, budgeting, debt, and more. Is God mad at you if you don't tithe? What if your spouse wants to tithe a different amount than you? Listen for the answers to these questions and more.Bethel OKC Inc による
In week 1 of this series, Rachel Wortman teaches how our understanding of God can affect our finances. An accurate picture of God is essential for all things related to the kingdom of God and this message will show you how to see God clearly. When we understand how God thinks about money we better understand how to spend our money.…
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