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Die ARD-Korrespondent*innen sind weltweit unterwegs und immer nah dran. „Ausland – das Magazin“ bringt diese spannenden Reportagen aus den wichtigsten Metropolen in Europa, Amerika, Asien und Afrika zu uns in den Norden. Wir sprechen über diese Recherchen, zeigen die spannendsten Geschichten aus unseren Studios in der Welt und lassen die Menschen hinter der Schlagzeile zu Wort kommen. „Ausland – das Magazin“ – jede Woche neu, um die globale Welt ein wenig verständlicher zu machen.
Die Ausländer

Die Ausländer

Marc Alcobé Talló

Die Ausländer is an interview "comedy" podcast where guests from around the world who are currently living or used to live outside of their home country share their experiences as foreigners while grabbing one, two or more of their favorite alcoholic drinks. 🍻🍻If you want to tell us about your own amazing experience as an "Ausländer" send us a DM via Instagram @dieauslander_podcast or email with some details 🤘
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Die Ausländer episode nine with Aleksandar Ninevski and Marc Alcobé Talló. Moving to Catalunya and Austria for studies and staying as a foreigner for more than 10 years between Wien, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Frankfurt. How another city can become your home, learning languages, student exchanges and visas.…
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Die Ausländer again with the great Stefan Schmieden and Marc Alcobé Talló. In this second episode of Stefan's life we will focus on the two weeks of summer in Copenhagen, Christiania parties and jam sessions, going back to the good bread and food in Paris and how the french city is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe.…
Die Ausländer remote episode with Marc Granado and Marc Alcobé Talló. Going to England for a PhD just before Covid and Brexit. Couchsurfing friends, art, the canals of Birmingham, crazy rugby 3rd times drinking stories and using Tinder in the UK for the first time.Marc Alcobé Talló による
Die Ausländer first remote episode with Anna Mir and Marc Alcobé Talló. Studying in the south of Brasil for one year and the current living situation in Switzerland. Security, drinks and not that much sun in Brasil versus how to survive the winter or float in the river to go to work in Zürich.Marc Alcobé Talló による
Die Ausländer with Edo Pinzuti and Marc Alcobé Talló. The experience of living in Germany for a master and stay for a doctorate. How is economic support important in a new country, improving languages with time and the recommendation of taking the decision as soon as possible if that's what you really want to do.…
Die Ausländer with Philip von Rüdiger and Marc Alcobé Talló. The high school experience in USA and the Erasmus in Slovenia, living abroad because of studies, being far away from home being a teenager and the non typical Erasmus decision.Marc Alcobé Talló による
Die Ausländer with Stefan Schmieden and Marc Alcobé Talló. The first part of the 5 countries lived. A german in Thailand and Netherlands, being brave and stupid, motorbikes, monkeys and cats creating technical problems that are now called cat-cuts.Marc Alcobé Talló / Stefan Schmieden による
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