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Ordinary Astronauts

Ordinary Astronauts

Dan Shipper and Nathan Baschez

Two friends explore tech, product building, and the psychology of work. Hosted by Dan Shipper and Nathan Baschez, co-founders of Every, a writers collective that feeds the minds and hearts of the people who build the internet. We study businesses and we study humans.
Cosmic Velocity is the official podcast of of The Astronauts By Night, an eclectic group of dance music enthusiasts from Hawaii which includes DJ's/producers Tron, Joncozy, and Jude Jove. Join us while we provide the vibes laced with frequencies transmitted directly from our own personal music selections, straight to your universe, wherever that may be.
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Amanda Natividad is a marketer that grew her Twitter audience from 0 to 100k in just two years. In that same span of time Nathan grew his Twitter following from like 12k to 37k. (Cue sad trombone wah-wah sound.) In this special interview episode of Ordinary Astronauts, Nathan learns everything he can from Amanda about how to grow an audience, and t…
Three topics this week: Is Social Media Dying? Last week we published an essay by Michael Mignano that made waves, predicting The End of Social Media. The theory is that algorithmic feeds are going to outcompete friend/follow graphs. The question is why, and the answer is that we're generally more interested in people who are professionally interes…
Three topics this week: Instagram's Existential Bet — why do they think they need to become more like TikTok? Why isn't it working that well so far, compared to when they copied Snapchat Stories? The answer has to do with the purpose and structure of TikTok's network, and why it's less compatible with Instagram than Snapchat was. Also, an interesti…
Nathan and Logan talk about: What’s going on in markets right now? Public markets haven’t found a bottom yet—what is the effect on VC rounds? Why tech investors aren’t conspiring to bring down deal prices How the shifting capital markets might affect decisions that founders make about what types of businesses they want to build What caused him to s…
Welcome to the first episode of Ordinary Astronauts! Every week Dan and Nathan will talk about whatever is interesting to them within the world of tech, product building, and the psychology of work. This week: Medium. How are they doing? What's going on in the broader market for writing on the internet? Read more here. How to Analyze a Market. Ther…
The Astronauts talk about the illusive critical race theory. Melissa has a plan to take out Putin if she has to and Alex has more breaking news complete with hot takes from Stanley McGregor. Oh and of course they have to talk about the NFL's QB Shuffle.We Could Have Been Astronauts による
The Astronauts talk WW3. Alex reports breaking news and directs us to the best badass Ukrainian videos. Melissa then asks Alex to grant her a dying wish and he quickly turns her down. Need more Astronauts fun? Join us on our We Could Have Been Astronauts Facebook Group. We need friends during this turbulent time.…
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