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The welcome we return to God must be as loving and liberating as the welcome we have received – a welcome that names and dismantles every system that holds anyone anywhere down, a welcome that leaves no one behind, a welcome that sets the whole world free.Rev. Scott Clark による
Jesus rejects inhospitality, welcomes everyone, and insists that we do too – through the spiritual practice of hospitality. The practice of hospitality invites us to approach every encounter (in our families, church, community, and nation) with a commitment to welcome: What are the barriers here? What does hospitality require of us?…
God’s own life is life lived in community – in community and mutuality – reaching out to us, and inviting us and the whole world in. Our life in Christ is life in community, reaching out to the world with Christ's healing touch in our hands.Rev. Scott Clark による
At Pentecost, in a moment of shared witnessing, we find the life of Christ alive in us. Moments of shared witnessing are not just about what the audience sees and hears; they are also about the story we then tell – the lives we live – the song we sing.Rev. Scott Clark による
We are Easter people, called and empowered by God through the Spirit of the Risen Christ to be bold, live out our faith, and challenge the powers that oppress.Ariel Mink, Stated Clerk, Presbytery of the Redwoods による
In stories of sharing broiled fish and cinnamon toast, we see this: Resurrection is an everyday, embodied experience of the Risen Christ – embodied in us. Witnesses are those who see and go out and live what they have learned and loved, for the blessing of the whole world.Rev. Scott Clark による
Resurrection opens up the power of life to overturn death and its forces, and the choice to center ourselves in that reality. To live lives of resurrection hope that pour compassion and love and justice and forgiveness and healing into all the world’s wounds.Rev. Dr. Aimee Moiso による
In Resurrection, the Risen Christ blesses us with life, and invites us to go and tell the story with the lives we live. When the Gospel of Mark tells the story of Resurrection – in language spare and startling – “He is risen! He’s gone ahead to meet you. Just like he said. Go and tell the others” – it invites us to write ourselves into the narrativ…
In Palm Sunday, the cross, and the empty tomb, Jesus blesses the world by declaring a new reality with his body. This is what Jesus is doing on Palm Sunday, inviting us with his body, gathered with our bodies, to proclaim the Good News he has come to make real.Rev. Scott Clark による
As we listen to the lament of Psalm 22, of Jesus from the cross, of the prayers of Celtic spirituality, and of our own world, we find our way to this blessing: God blesses us with tears to shed with each other, the presence of God in the midst of our suffering.Rev. Scott Clark による
In the blessing of a name, God claims us as God's own; and in our names for God, we use metaphor to offer glimpses of what we see of God.Patrick O'Connor, Director of Family Ministries による
Rev. Allie Utley leads us in a reflection on the troubling image of the cross and invites us to consider this: In the suffering of the cross, God knows us, intimately, the whole of our human experience, including our sorrow and pain.Rev. Allie Utley による
The Word becomes flesh as Jesus calls us into community – and we call each other – “Together We Serve.” The Word becomes flesh not at the centers of power – but in the vibrant pulse of life at the margins – in everyday folk and our everyday lives – in this Jesus of Nazareth, in this community of mutuality.…
Grace is God’s unconditional love for the whole world. Grace insists that we say true things about systems of oppression and our complicity in those systems, and then calls us to change. Grace then allows those who have participated in the harm to participate in the healing.Rev. Scott Clark による
On the first Sunday of a new year, we turn to the beginning of the Gospel of John, affirming that God's Word becomes flesh in the midst of us. Always, as we begin again, Christ manifests God’s Word in us.Rev. Scott Clark による
This Sunday, we begin our Advent theme: "Light Dawns on a Weary World." In the dawning of Christ’s new day, Jesus invites us to keep on watching – watching out for ourselves and each other, watching for what God is doing in the world, watching for the work that is ours to do.Rev. Scott Clark による
The kingdom of God is like an ICU nurse. Christ the King stands in power and tender mercy with those whose backs are up against the wall, and brings about Christ’s reign of justice, healing, and peace.Rev. Scott Clark による
Amid the storm, what we are doing here is building the house of our lives on the sure and steady foundation of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. Hope is what we do every morning when we rise with the day and say, “We can do this.”Rev. Scott Clark による
In the communion of the saints, our memory of life with God yesterday points us to where and how we might find our way to life today and tomorrow – not just for us, but for our children and our grandchildren, and for all the generations yet to come.Rev. Scott Clark による
The Pharisees and Herodians try to trap Jesus with a question about paying taxes to the Emperor. Jesus surprises us with a life-giving both/and when we’re preparing for an artificial yes or no. We follow One who sees the trap coming, unmasks the hypocrisy, and still sends the questioners away with new things to think about. The Resurrected One has …
In an election year, we stand at the intersection of faith and public life, and consider the danger of tyranny and systemic racism, the promise of the right to vote, efforts to suppress that right, and our power to make a difference. In God’s sovereignty, God honors our agency to choose, inviting and empowering us to participate in God’s re-making …
This sermon looks at the Ten Commandments as (1) an expression of how free people live, (2) a trust document, and (3) a law called love. Then, thinking of the Ten Commandments particularly as a trust document (an expression of accountability), we ask, "How have we done by Breonna Taylor and her family?" How can we better live into freedom, trust, a…
Psalm 121 sustains us on the journey with (1) the open possibility of a question, (2) confession of our own reality (the best and the worst of it), and (3) a blessing and a breath. And then, Rev. Yolanda Norton blesses us with this: “Be the muddy river that accumulates all of the things that God has created and shines in the midst of it.”…
Freed from Egypt, out in the desert, the Hebrew people grumble because there is no food and they are hungry. God listens, and provides manna in the morning. In the long-haul of a wilderness journey, God provides enough, each day, for the living of these days.Rev. Scott Clark による
In the gift of Sabbath, God invites us into the practice of compassion, and to ask, “What is it that my soul craves in this moment?”Patrick O'Connor, Director of Family Ministries による
God breathes with us and calls us to become co-conspirators to set the whole world free. Being a "co-conspirator" requires that we listen with humility to those who have been harmed most, and put something at risk for the life and the well-being and the freedom of others.Rev. Scott Clark による
In the practice of Sabbath, God invites us to rest in the presence of our Creator, and experience the gifts of balance, time to refocus, and resistance to anxiety and commodity-driven oppression.Patrick O'Connor, Director of Family Ministries による
In the story of Joseph and his brothers, we see God's providential love at work: Beyond the reality of our decisions and misdirected intention, God intends for us our ultimate good, and accompanies us along the way there.Rev. Scott Clark による
In the much-told story of the miracle of the loaves and fish, when the disciples think there's not enough to feed the crowds, Jesus says: "They don't need to go away. You give them something to eat." In a world that feels scarce, Jesus empowers us to create capacity in community.Rev. Scott Clark による
In a fearful and anxious world, God is near. We consider this "nearness of God," looking to Jacob's dream of a ladder connecting heaven and earth, our own "pandemic dreams," and Celtic spirituality.Rev. Scott Clark による
We consider the Parable of the Sower -- the seed, the soil, the sower -- and notice that the parable describes a generative process for a generative season. God empowers us to create something new together by sowing seeds generously and generatively. Grace abounds!Rev. Scott Clark による
On this Fourth of July weekend, we stand at the intersection of faith and public life and consider "freedom" -- both Biblical and Constitutional. What we affirm with the Apostle Paul is this: Christ has set us free for the freedom of others and ourselves.Rev. Scott Clark による
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