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Achilles is one of the most revered and misunderstood heroes in Greek myth. Historian Marta González González joins us to discuss his controversial relationship with Patroclus, the true motivations behind his choice to sacrifice his life, and much more.Patrick Garvey による
The first few centuries after the death of Jesus make up possibly the most mysterious and crucial era in the history of Christianity. Religion scholar Erin Vearncombe joins us to talk about who these early followers of Jesus were and how their behavior was much different than conventional wisdom may have us believe.…
We've all heard of the Rosetta Stone, but few know the real story of how it was discovered and decoded. Author Edward Dolnick joins us to tell us about the people who finally cracked the code and what it meant for understanding ancient Egyptian civilization.Patrick Garvey による
How did Alexander the Great die and what was his actual succession plan? Author and researcher David Grant joins us to discuss his investigation into what Alexander wanted for his massive empire after his death, as well as other related subjects.Patrick Garvey による
What were the gladiator games of Ancient Rome really like? How did they utilize deadly animals? Did women compete as gladiators? Ancient historian and leading gladiator expert Chris Epplett joins us to answer these questions and many more.Patrick Garvey による
Were there any limits on the power of the Pharaohs? Why were there more female rulers in Egypt than in other ancient civilizations? Egyptologist Kara Cooney comes on to discuss how political power was wielded in Ancient Egypt and how those principles are still relevant today.Patrick Garvey による
What did the ancient Greeks believe about the journey of Odysseus? Should we look for historical places and events behind Greek mythology? Jonathan Burgess, Professor of Classics at the University of Toronto, helps us answer these questions and much more.Patrick Garvey による
Did the ancient Greeks and Romans believe in supernatural phenomena? Did they believe mythological monsters and gods really existed? Author and academic Garett Ryan comes on the show to help answer these questions and many more.Patrick Garvey による
Why is ancient Egyptian civilization, including the Great Pyramids, the subject of so many conspiracy theories? Author Jason Colavito joins me to discuss how and why the history of Egypt has been rewritten and manipulated over the centuries.Patrick Garvey による
Would a fighter from the ancient Mediterranean world stand a chance against today's greatest champion in a no holds barred contest? I dive into the history of mixed martial arts in ancient Greece and examine the key factors to consider in this timeless debate.Patrick Garvey による
The Ark of the Covenant, which allegedly held the stone tablets of the 10 Commandments, was among the holiest (and most feared) objects of ancient history. We look at the story of the Ark and what may have happened to it on the week of the 40th anniversary of the release of the iconic Indiana Jones film "Raiders of the Lost Ark".…
The Sacred Band was an elite fighting force responsible for the rise of Thebes as the Greek superpower in the 4th century BC. According to ancient sources, it was also formed of 150 pairs of adult male lovers. I talk to historian and author James Romm about the origins and eventual defeat of the Sacred Band of Thebes.…
Socrates is one of the best known and most influential ancient historical figures. But the truth of who Socrates was, what he did, and how he died remains elusive. I talk to scholar, translator, and author Robin Waterfield about the historical Socrates in Part II of our conversation.Patrick Garvey による
What ancient civilizations have been overlooked, ignored, or lost through the ages? I talk to British author and historian Philip (Maty) Matyszak about these forgotten peoples, the myths of Hercules, and much more. Note: I apologize for the audio level inconsistency. I needed to boost things to make it easier to hear Maty.…
Thebes was once the most powerful city-state in Greece, but it has largely been overshadowed in popular culture by Athens and Sparta. Historian Paul Cartledge and I discuss the rise and fall of Thebes, and what impact it made on the ancient world.Patrick Garvey による
What caused the mysterious collapse of so many civilizations in the 12th century BCE? Did the Trojan War really happen? Were Achilles and Helen real people? Eric Cline, one of the world's leading ancient historians and archaeologists, helps answer these questions and more in the latest episode of Ancient Heroes.…
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