Facebook's Extremist Prompt Leads To... - What to Do About Ransomware?


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Facebook's Extremist Prompt Leads To... What to Do About Ransomware?

We got hacked again as a country and what's being done about it. What's the Biden administration doing? They sent us special Envoy over to Russia. Yeah, Senator former Senator John Kerry. But what's he talking about? The climate deal. This is hurting us badly here in the United States. It's hurting at least a third of our businesses every year.

Just this year alone. Ransomware payments have gone up threefold. It is incredible. What's happening and he's doing nothing about it. And then we, so we've got to talk about this Facebook protest prompt that they've come up with now. Hey, do you know someone. Might be an extremist or it might be, become an extremist.

Do you realize what's going to happen? If everybody's starts to reporting on everybody else? We already know that we've got these trolls out there that report people, that report posts just because they don't like the person. Now, what are we going to do? Start FBI investigations. Every time someone says someone is an extremist, just cause they don't like them.

What is an extremist? Anyways, we get into that. So here we go with Mr. Jim Polito.

[00:01:14]Jim Polito: Two things. I want to two things. I want to talk about one the weak and feckless response of Joe Biden to the latest hack by the Russians. But before we get into that, So Facebook really was asking you to rat out your neighbors like 1984, like George Orwell's, 1984, Facebook.

[00:01:39] Admitted that they were asking people to identify extremists using the social media website.

[00:01:47] Craig Peterson: [00:01:47] Yeah, they did. And you know what, Jim, this is shocking to me. We've looked at Google before and compared it to duck, duck go, and how Google just doesn't, it blocks things. CNN has been one of those similar, I don't even want to call it a news source.

[00:02:02] But even CNN business reported this, but some Facebook users here in the us were getting prompts. If they were worried about someone that they might know might be coming an extremist. This is shocking to me. Absolutely shocked. And show them my wife likes to watch the good fight where, which is these are the lawyers.

[00:02:28] And they tend to be very leftist. The latest episode, season five, episode three, she called me in, and then I had to look at this. They were dealing. This situation where we have now people reporting on other people and because someone who might've done something, and maybe you help them out a bit at one point in your life, all of a sudden the FBI is in your life to try to figure out what's happening.

[00:02:54] They are asking you now to report on other people. This is crazy what this is going to lead to. And yeah, Facebook's doing it. And even CNN reporter.

[00:03:05] Jim Polito: [00:03:05] Wow. We're talking with tech talk guru, Craig Peterson. So because people sent me screen grabs of it and things like that, that they were being asked if they knew I knew an extremist, and please define extra what's the definition of extremist.

[00:03:22]I just talked about Joe Biden and the DNC, wanting to team up with a phone carrier. To monitor and correct anti-vaccination messages. Did you hear this one? I'm sure you did actually. I'll send it to you. I'll send it to you. This is it was from political. And that's why it wasn't from a Craig Peterson type website.

[00:03:46] It was from Politico was Fred was running the websites. It dumb people like myself read. Okay. But anyway, Politico said that the DNC, the the Biden administration they want to scrutinize phone and social media messages for misinformation. And they're asking what do they call them? SMS short message service carriers.

[00:04:13] They want them to they wanna have fact-checkers more aggressively work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines. That's a quite, that's quite a little propaganda outfit you got going there. Remember

[00:04:28] Craig Peterson: [00:04:28] if you're sending a text message, that message is stored. Remember a Strzok and Paige, right?

[00:04:34] The whole thing with the FBI lovers and their text messages showing up. If you're using your apple phone. And you're using messages to send messages to other apple users. If it's blue, it means it's encrypted end to end and they cannot monitor. They cannot report to. If it's green, which is an unfortunate choice of colors, that means it's sending it by this old protocol.

[00:04:58] That was actually a hack of, for the cell phone industry. It's a green means it's in the clear, but the fact Tim there, they're going to monitor that. And then what are they going to do? Start prying into your life and everybody, it's. Wow.

[00:05:15] Jim Polito: [00:05:15] Yeah. This is not good between that, the messages, all of this I'm fine with.

[00:05:20]If the administration wants to get their message out there about vaccinations and this and that's fine but don't do it. Don't do it the way you're doing it. That's Orwellian truly is our Wellington.

[00:05:33]Craig Peterson: [00:05:33] It's. It sets things up. For, if let's say you love Biden and we've got the all have the stab of then okay, fine.

[00:05:44] What's so what happens if another Trump it's an, that you absolutely hate you want the next administration or the one after that to have this kind of information?

[00:05:53] Jim Polito: [00:05:53] I don't. Yeah. I know. All right, let's get to, let's get to the latest with Vladimir Putin and with Joe Biden. I don't know if you saw the clip.

[00:06:03] I don't have it here handy. Joe Biden. The other day, someone asked him a reporter, asked him about the latest cyber attacks and he tried to pull a card from his pocket, said, oh, I just got briefed on that. He was all over the place. Didn't know what to say. I'll have more to say about it later. That's.

[00:06:21] Twofold one, it speaks to his cognitive ability, but two, it speaks to what is the response been from this government? He had the summit with him and said, here's 14 things. I don't want you to touch. And yet Putin turns around and touches

[00:06:37] Craig Peterson: [00:06:37] them. Yeah, he sure does. The response.

[00:06:42] And we, of course, Biden just sends an Envoy over to Russia meeting with Putin. John Barry, he's talking about climate change.

[00:06:55] He's

[00:06:55] not

[00:06:56] Jim Polito: [00:06:56] talking about cyber attacks. He's talking about climate change.

[00:07:02] Craig Peterson: [00:07:02] We, yeah. And we now have as many, I've seen numbers as high as a hundred thousand businesses that were part of this latest attack that came from Russia. This cyber attack, this ransomware. In fact, I know of a thousand businesses that got together and they hired an attorney in order to try and negotiate.

[00:07:26] This is an attorney that negotiates with ransomwares right. We started the United States Navy to deal with ransoms coming in, out of the middle. Yeah, 200 years ago, the Marine Corps and the Navy, this is in saying what is happening. Trump of course put some pretty severe restrictions on Moscow in Russia to try and crack down on this.

[00:07:51] And we had to remember, again, the old Biden administration saying things like, oh, I told him to stop it right. We have to respond.

[00:08:06] Jim Polito: [00:08:06] I don't know. I'd like to think. Craig that there's some back channel stuff that your people, the guys like you understand and know about, and it's being done to slap him on the hand as the hand tries to reach over and grab again, I'd like to think that the really smart people on our side are doing that and send it the message without being public about it.

[00:08:29] Cause I would have not have a problem with that, but I don't even feel like I don't even feel like that's how. I don't even

[00:08:36] Craig Peterson: [00:08:36] feel like. We are a kind of slot them back at them. There, there aren't too many automated systems that'll do that. We're being hacked to hack back. The big problem with this is we're pretty darn insurers coming from Russia, but let's say that you're in the battle.

[00:08:55] And someone's shooting that too. First of all, someone shooting at you, where it's coming from inside of BAE systems has systems that are put onto our helicopters that notice exactly where the fire is coming from and return fire automatically. Okay. And wouldn't that be great. The problem is Jim that somebody hacked your home computer.

[00:09:17] It's now part of what's called a bot net. Somebody had somebody else's computer, same bot, and there may be a different one on and on. There are hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide that have been hacked. So the Russians go into a computer in Vancouver, BC, which is then connects to a computer in Vancouver, Washington that connects to Washington DC.

[00:09:38] And it took trying to hack. If you returned fire, you're going at somebody's home computer in Washington. And you get it. And then that home in Washington state, of course now let's say the FBI shows up and says, okay, something's coming from here. We've got to see your computer. They get on the computer.

[00:09:56]Guess what? It's now in Vancouver, BC, which is now an international problem. And who knows, maybe they went to China first. Maybe they went somewhere else. The only way we can do this is serious economic pressure. We have. Fight back that way, because this is the exact same type of thing that happens in a war with skirmishes going on.

[00:10:19] And they are winning by taking money. We're trying to negotiate with them right now and say, okay, we'll just pay you $70 million. If you unlock all of these computers, it's insanity. We keep doing the same.

[00:10:34] Jim Polito: [00:10:34] Over and over again, Craig I got to run. How can folks get more information from you? And I know that you talk about these things on the weekend show.

[00:10:42] Exactly.

[00:10:42] Craig Peterson: [00:10:42] Just visit Craig peterson.com. "Peterson", S O N.

[00:10:47] Jim Polito: [00:10:47] Craig and I guarantee you, I will celebrate Canada day next year. We won't let it. We won't let it be past Greg. Thanks so much for your time, buddy.

[00:10:56] Craig Peterson: [00:10:56] Thanks.

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