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Eden Edge shares her of menarche journey and how it led her to establishing business to provide education and convenient resources for menstruating women. “And so for five years, I stopped my menstrual flow for five years, I suffocated myself, my reproductive system, my vagina, all of that. And so after those five years were up, I, which would put me in 2012 I have suffered my body, as far as trying to get my body back on track, it's really taken that long.” She mentions how she discovers disturbing information about sanitary napkins and the chemicals that were put in the napkins. “They're companies that are allowed to use a chemical that elongates the cycle. Over time, the more you use these products, it's going to make that cycle longer.”

In this episode, Eden Edge informs the Vagina Talk listeners about her mission to support and educate others who have had similar experiences. She exchanges her view on how to create a place that provides healthier product options and information to women on how to care for their bodies.

Here’s a little glimpse:

  • The long term benefits of utilizing natural feminine products
  • The awareness of harmful chemicals used in mainstream feminine products
  • How to find hope during painful situations
  • How to endure through experiences of loss

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

About Eden Edge

In 2012, Eden Edge was forced to terminate her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. After consulting with her physician and doing a little research, she found out that her uterine wall and fallopian tubes had chemical scarring. Eden's physician stated that the type of birth control she was using along with certain feminine care products were filled with harmful chemicals such as chloroform, aluminum, and acetone. Her body had been absorbing these chemicals for over five years! Hearing this information was tough but it was then that Eden decided to adapt some healthier habits.

Hygeniee provides feminine hygiene care products that are organic, all-natural, chemical & toxin free, and made by Women! Their mission is to deliver a unique collection of items to each customer’s home, every single month. They have a dedicated team of professionals who pick out quality items to include in each box.

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VT 83 Protecting Your Womb with Eden Edge


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Samantha Rise

I'm Samantha Rise, and welcome to Vagina Talks, where we speak about, to and from vaginas. This is a show of alchemy, where we turn poison into medicine, disconnection into wisdom and isolated wounds into communal peacemaking. Here's your host, Sophia Wise One.

Sophia Wise One

You already know everything they can teach You already know everything they could say, We are here to remind you what you already already already know.

I just want to take a minute to acknowledge that Vagina Talks understands that gender is fluid and dynamic and goes way beyond the binary of either woman or man, she or him. And that, in fact, it's a living an evolving thing that's actually personal person to person. And that our bodies, even our understanding, or the ways that we experience them can vary. It's important for me that that's something that has space here on Vagina Talks.

Welcome back to Vagina Talks my love's I am Sophia Wise One, Daughter of the Wind Spider Queen. They call me Sophia and I am happy happy to be here with you today. A little update on my life. I have both my sisters have been pregnant this past year, and one of them gave birth this week. So I have been ushered into a new realm Our family has grown and transitioned. And I am incredibly excited. I'm currently in Philadelphia, to be with my family in this time of transition, potting up one sister at a time to be part of this time, and I am humbled, I am excited.

And at the same time, I also am carrying this understanding that womanhood and the experience of the feminine and all of the female, in the splitting of that binary, has been injured has been hurt has been dismantled. And so I'm looking to have a space where the feminine and the female and the female body is reclaimed and respected and lifted and inspected and known, as well as a space that goes beyond the binary.

And that acknowledges that these are limited constructs, mostly put upon us, and that we're in the process of evolving into something more whole and more true. Just wanted to say that some of my guests will use incredibly binary language for whatever reason from the places that they come from. And I just wanted to let you know that Vagina Talks has a much wider understanding, and it's a living one. So feel free to chime in as we go along. Without further ado, today's episode.

And I am feeling the energy of new life, the new moon just coming through this new moon. That happened probably when you're listening, it's going to be a couple weeks ago, but this this January, New Moon this shifting of times we are we're we are at the turning point my brother and I were talking about we're gonna call these babies, the turning point babies, the children that are coming in, in this time this turning point we've decided we have decided this now here these days, these hours these weeks, these months, these years are the years that the world is turning into the world that we have dreamt it to be.

So I want to give thanks to all the babies coming in. I want to give thanks to all the beings that are stepping out of the planet and off of the planet. Because the birth death door is the same door as I have been taught and as I have experienced. And so this is a time the turning point time is a time where we are coming and we are going and we are weaving something new. So it is a powerful, powerful time, which is what you're going to hear me say on every episode because that is what life is life is power. It has potential. It is a moment it is a breath over and over and over again.

And it's the remembering of the truth of that that brings us into our center and brings us into our, mhmmm. It's our center and what happens there, peace. I want to talk about power and I want to talk about peace. Yeah, that's how we come into our peace. We're turning towards peace and we are committing to weaving and creating peace. So thank you for all the work that you've been doing in your families in your own heart in your own home, in your own grieving and you're raging and you're quieting and you're courageous and you're dreaming and your actions and you're stepping into this world.

I'm excited to bring I have a guest today that I'm excited I'm really excited to bring on because she is the epitome of someone who has taken that knowing of the own strife and turning it into servicing gift, and it's really focused on vaginas. So like double bonus here for us today. I'm excited to bring her in here and have her start sharing her stories.

Eden Edge

It is very, very delightful to be here, Sophia, and I just got to tell you. I feel come for it. I feel comforting right now. very comforting. I feel like crying. But it's a good cry. I there is such a welcoming spirit right here. I that is the first time I've ever been into introduced as the founder and CEO of Hygeniee. And I am going to deem it the best regardless of what happens from here on out just there's I feel low, I feel. Yes. So I this is going to be very, very powerful. I already know it.

Sophia Wise One

Welcome Eden. Welcome. Welcome. And congratulations. I just I am so excited for you when I when I met Eden and I met through this app that I'm in really into these days called club house. As as you all know, I like to talk. And it's a talking based app. And I am just so excited because your presence, your generosity of spirit is so palpable to me. And you are here to take good care and help people take good care of vaginas.

So like, obviously, I am really, really, really into it. And I'm excited about that growth for you, like many, many, so many blessings on every introduction of the Co-Founder and CEO of Hygeniee. Beautiful. Whoo. Yes. Awesome.

So I just like I kind of like Which way do I want to go, I want to ask you a kind of about product, like you already said it, I want to ask you, I'm going to ask you, I am I'm going to ask you, I want to ask you, what is you're in your vagina and your womb and your heart like in your body right now? What is what is alive? And what is that part of you want to say to say right now? Like, what, from that place? What does that place in you have to say, in this moment.

Eden Edge

That there is so much beauty in the vagina. There's so much beauty in what it does. I mean, like, life enters and exits from that one place. And it should be embraced more. You know, typically, I've been taught to look at it as a body part. And it is, but it's so much more. There's so much more. Like I said, it's the beginning of like, I it creates life. Like is the entry point for for growth, and well being and all of that, you know? Absolutely. Absolutely.

Sophia Wise One

I and when I feel you speak about that. It's this like the honoring and the like boldness of it. I just had this flash of like, you know how there's just been like sculptures of like, men, everywhere, all over this country for a long time. I just had this flash of just like, and this is happening anyway, like the vulva art that has been emerging but like huge, like, you know, 16 foot sculptures of vulva and vaginal canals and cervixes. Like, opening and you know, and I love all I love all genitals and they all have a magic to them.

And I think as we heal and reclaim and take good care of vaginas, it inspires vaginas. I had this feeling this feeling, and I was like, vaginas want to bring everything with everyone with them. You know, I always say like, a whole, unhealed wound give space for the, the entirety of whatever needs to be, grow into its fullest. Right?

So like vaginas, and wombs and their whole state want the best, healthiest penises and anuses and digestive systems and brains and bodies and hearts of all bodies and all beings like that's what vaginas want. That's what they're made for is to let receive and to create and make and to peck perpetuate them. So yeah, that was that's what happened for it got really, it got really grandiose as you were talking. Yeah,

flags and shout out to if people don't know and haven't checked it out in London. I think it may be a couple years ago now a museum opened the vagina museum opened. And it's gotten great press and, and they've been doing awesome work. So even if you don't know about it, I definitely recommend you checking them out. And any of you listeners look up the vagina museum. They've been they've been really embracing and bringing out this this idea of of the imagery, the brilliance. So,

Eden Edge

That's awesome.

Sophia Wise One

So tell us about tell us about Hygeniee. Like, what is it? And how did you get into it?

Okay. Like a simple little start. Good start, like give us a little bit of Hygeniee. Like what that's about a little bit, and then Okay, yeah, we'll keep it keep it. Okay. We'll start there.

Eden Edge

Okay. Okay, so what Hygeniee is, it's a subscription box service that supplies all natural feminine products. And that includes anything from tampons to pads to fresheners to oils, to relieve you of cramps, to heating patches to washes, two wipes, two liners, anything that has to do with your vagina and the vagina cells. And they are all natural materials made with all natural ingredients that our toxin free. toxin free, toxin free, toxin free,

No carcinogens. None, nothing cancer causing. Because in case anyone didn't know, that's what a carcinogen is. And so no cancer causing products. And I started Hygeniee because I found that there were not many avenues to find these products.

So it was with me thinking about all the other women that would have the issue of Okay, well, when I go into a store, big box store, I typically see these products, you know, and so, of course, by nature, whatever we see that so what we purchase, you know, and I want it to give an option to purchase other items. So it's like okay, basically, I've created a Walmart, but for all natural fitness products. That's the goal. That's the goal.

I love it, you're the Come come to it, right, you've gathered all of these well made caregiving products in one place. And then and then you send them in a in a box, right? You send them in a box, right and get in a package. Love it. So beautiful.

Sophia Wise One

So we were talking a little bit before we got on the show here today. And you started to tell me about kind of the distance like you've come a long way, right from beings from being someone who's like, let me tell you about the anatomy of a vagina and evolve and what is healthy for you. That's not where you started.

Eden Edge

Definitely not. What I started was what's a vulva?

Sophia Wise One

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So, uh, you know, I think one of the powerful place to start we started to talk about this was ministration. Did you were you prepared? Were you did you know what was gonna happen or what it would mean or any of that stuff kind of how I feel like you started telling me the story.

This is the truth. Even started telling me this story and, and I was like, I got it. I gotta go, babe. I gotta I gotta go. We'll talk. What's it called? come back to this. I want to hear this story. So bringing it back in, you started to tell me about your menarche, your first menstruation. And, and I would love if you would tell me, tell me about that could kind of tell me tell me the story you started.

Eden Edge

Okay. Okay, so here it goes. Mmm hmm. I was definitely ill prepared. Like, on the bottom of bottomest levels. I was ill prepared. When I start, I don't even remember if I...I think I just understood that I would start bleeding one day, that was how I understood it. One day, you're going to start bleeding. I had never had a discussion with anyone about it just I remember fifth grade talking about it in that one little two hours sex education class that they just kind of crammed everything into, but I bleed one day.

So I was in seventh grade. Actually, now I was in sixth grade. I was in sixth grade. And I was at a UGA football game with my best friend and his mom. And I go to the bathroom, just in there using the bathroom. And it's full of people because I mean, it's a UGA game and it's full of people. And I go to the bathroom. And I pull down my underwear and there's just I just red. You just see red.

And in my mind I'm like, Oh, no, I think this is what that video was talking about. And oh, no, I don't know what to do. I don't have anything. I don't know where to go to get something. I don't I'm not even sure if the bathrooms at that time supplied like that vending machine with the products. But even then, I'm standing with Okay, what's the liner? What's the pad? What's the tampon?

So, I remember leaving out of the bathroom. Like not knowing what to do. And I believe my friend was standing outside of the bathroom where the men's bathroom was. And I told him, like, I didn't have anyone else to tell. So I was like, I think my period is on because there was a lot of blood. And he was like, we'll just and I think we both kind of understood that this was the first time we didn't say it. But he was like, we just go to the bathroom and just get a bunch of tissue.

And so I went to the bathroom and I got a bunch of tissue. And I you know, put it in my underwear. And when I did that. First thing is I remember it being the beginning of the game. So this is not like a halftime situation. This is like first quarter of the UGA football game. And I'm sitting here leaking blood I don't understand, you know, if it's like this is gonna come out like this river or like a you know, a running faucet? I'm not I don't know. I don't know.

And so that was my first experience of my cycle. And just I don't even remember when I had the conversation with my mom when I got home. I don't actually remember I think when I got home, I think I took a bath. And I think I might have gone in her drawer and found something that I had seen her use, which was a pad and I remember putting the pad on and going to sleep. And that was that. Yeah.

Sophia Wise One

Wow. When you tell that story now, like your present self, and you look back to this young Eden, what do you want to say to her?

Eden Edge

I would say it's okay. I would say It's okay, because that Eden was fearful. And that Eden didn't believe that she had the resources for help. Yeah. I had a mom that lived in my home, but was out of reach.

Sophia Wise One

Mm hmm.

Eden Edge


Sophia Wise One

I want...

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