#146 - Dr. Rick Johnson: Fructose & Obesity, The Survival Switch, Salt & Weight Gain, Stimulating Fat Production, Uric Acid, The Polyol Pathway, Metabolic Syndrome, And More!


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10:50 - Beginning Of Fructose Research

14:30 - How Sugar Can Cause Weigh Gain Independently Of Caloric Intake

17:30 - Leptin Resistance

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23:10 - Defining Glucose, Sucrose, And Fructose

26:55 - "Tasteless" Mice

28:00 - Craving Sugar

31:20 - 5 Great Tastes

33:00 - Artificial Sweeteners

34:00 - Blocking The Fructokinase In The Liver

36:00 - How Fructose Tricks The Body

42:10 - How Fructose Uses Glucose To Create Fat

50:00 - Polyol Pathway

51:40 - Stress & Dehydration

53:50 - Salt

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1:00:30 - How Hibernation Mimics Metabolic Syndrome

1:04:30 - Evolutionarily, Where Did This Start?

1:07:45 - The Natural Fasting Cycle

1:08:30 - The Role Of Fructose In The Cells, AMPK, And AMPD

1:16:00 - What Happens When You Combine Starvation With The AMPK Pathway?

1:21:00 - Starvation Mode

1:24:30 - What About Whole Fruit? The Role Of Vitamin C

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