#071 - Dr. Douglas Graham: Raw Vegan Diet, High Carb Low Fat (HCLF), Grains Vs Starches Vs Fruits, Diet Experimentation, 80/10/10, Caloric Density, Protein Needs, And More!


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9:40 - Dr. Douglas Graham's Background

11:40 - An Apple A Day

13:05 - 500,000 Nutrients

14:25 - Intuitive Diet Changes

15:25 - Nutrient Interactions

16:00 - Going Vegetarian

17:05 - Connections Between Food And Allergies, Behavior, Athleticism, Etc

17:45 - Discovery of Raw Food

19:30 - Finding Benefits in Raw Diet

22:05 - Raw Food for Athleticism

23:25 - Looking at Macros For Long-Lived People

24:00 - Coining 80/10/10

26:50 - What is the Optimal Diet For Humans?

29:00 - Science of Nutrients in Plants

30:00 - Importance of Vitamin C

36:10 - Gorilla Diet Experiment

38:55 - Uptake Transport And Delivery Efficiency Of Glucose

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45:00 - Evolutionary Changes in Diet

54:00 - Choosing or Not Choosing "Junk"

56:35 - Appreciating "Rules Of The Game"

58:15 - Creating Insulin Sensitivity In T1D

1:00:35 - Grains Vs Starches Vs Fruits

1:03:00 - Complex Carbohydrates

1:04:30 - Starch Digesting Enzymes

1:06:20 - Digestive Distress On 80/10/10

1:08:05 - The Problem with Stimulation

1:11:15 - Why Different Diets Work

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1:21:00 - What Happens When You Heat Proteins

1:22:25 - Enzyme Resistant Protein Bonds

1:27:20 - Intermittent Fasting With 80/10/10

1:30:10 - Volume of Meals

1:33:00 - Expense of Food

1:33:20 - Alcohol

1:34:00 - Lies Within Nutritional "Science"

1:35:00 - Supplementation

1:37:15 - Anti-nutrients

1:39:25 - The Complexity of Health

1:40:30 - Experimentation and Trying 80/10/10

1:44:20 - Listening To Your Body Vs Food Addiction

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